Singing gardener Hattie's sunflower success!

Mandy Grimes daughter Hattie from Royston sees gardening success in lockdown

Hattie Grimes, aged 5, is now a keen gardener and environmentalist after learning about plants and pollination with her mum Mandy. - Credit: Mandy Grimes

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have been revisiting old hobbies and learning some new ones - and Royston’s Hattie Grimes proves you’re never too young to start.  

Hattie began gardening during the first lockdown. She loved school and was devastated when it was closed – but with mum Mandy taking on home learning duty, she took a hands-on approach to learning all about pollination.  

Mandy told the Crow: “During home learning we talked about how important plants and pollinators were, Hattie loved this topic. We had a plain garden with only grass so Hattie asked if we could plant some flowers for bees and creatures. 

“We planted a few things here and there and noticed how therapeutic she found it, it gave us all something to focus on. Hattie would sing and dance for her plants  - her rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart was belted out most days.

"Hattie was ecstatic when her first seeds germinated and this spurred her on to plant more and more. Before long our garden became filled with flowers, plants, insects and birds! 

The five-year-old - who is the little sister of Charlie and Jake - is now a keen gardener and environmentalist. She said "We have a paradise! My plants have made homes for lots of creatures.  

"Plants take the bad stuff out of the air and breathe out good air. Nature is important, we need it to live so I like to look after nature, even the small things like worms are important." 

Hattie has recently grown sunflowers from seeds, her tallest one measured 303cm tall. Hattie says her secret to healthy plants is to sing to them and occasionally tickle them too! 

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Crow comment: The Crow was so pleased to read about Hattie's gardening efforts - as our reporter has been enjoying gardening throughout the lockdown, too! While Bianca can't match Hattie's achievements of a paradise garden complete with super sunflowers, she does have leeks, tomatoes and carrots that she's sure will be delicious. From one gardener to another, Well done, Hattie!