Royston author and historian L J Trafford has published her latest book on the worst emperors in Ancient Rome.

Ancient Rome's Worst Emperors explores the lives of the men who ruled Rome between 27 BCE and 476 CE, their domain stretching across Europe, North Africa and the East.

From the 'sadistically cruel' Caligula to the 'hopelessly weak' Valentinian II, the book explores the mad, bad and the catastrophically incompetent of Rome's leaders.

The book asks what qualifies someone as a bad emperor, what evidence there is to support it, and whether any of the evidence can be believed.

Linda Trafford studied Ancient History at the University of Reading, after which she took a job as a tour guide in the Lake District.


Moving to London in 2000, she began writing the Four Emperors series - four books which covered the dramatic fall of Nero and the chaotic year of the four emperors that followed.

One of the books, Palatine, received an Editor's Choice Mark from the Historical Novel Society.

Ancient Rome's Worst Emperors is published by Pen and Sword, who also published Linda's book How to Survive in Ancient Rome in October 2020.

Her book is available to buy on Amazon.