The amusing and sometimes sad story behind Laurel and Hardy at Chelmsford Civic Theatre on Thursday, December 6

A drama about Stan Laurel, half of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, will be at Chelmsford Civic Theatre on Thursday, December 6.

The show And This Is My Friend Mr Laurel was co-written and stars Hi-De-Hi’s Jeffrey Holland who played Spike in the BBC TV series. In the show he was part of a Laurel and Hardy style double act with Paul Shane’s character Ted Bovis. Holland has always been a Laurel and Hardy fan and this show is his tribute.

The one-man play is set in the 1956 Californian hospital bedroom of the dying Ollie, when Laurel visits his old friend and comedy partner. Laurel reminisces about their incredible career together, the highs and the lows, how they took on the studios and became one of the greatest cinematic partnerships of all time. The play also examines their private lives with Laurel reflecting on his own, seven, failed marriages and Stan’s weakness for gambling on horses. races.

7.30pm. £14/£12, special concessions, £7 or 01245 606505.