Society has stance for arts festival

AN AMATEUR dramatic club based in Crow Country are gearing up for their contribution to this year’s arts festival.

Royston’s Corvus Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) will be performing Outside Edge on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 of September at Greneway School, Garden Walk.

The show, which was a television comedy series written by Richard Harris, centres around team captain Roger Dervish’s preparations for an important cricket match, with injuries, rivalries and jealously adding to the suspense.

The first half is set in a cricket pavilion as the team prepare for the match, while the second half follows the game ball by ball.

Michael Young, who is directing the play, said: “Richard Harris is quite precise in the script about who scores what and when, and which wickets fall at what stage in the game, even though the audience never actually sees the match.

“Because there is a certain amount of tension in act two about whether or not the home team will manage to beat their opposition, it seemed logical to have the match played in virtual space, as it were, and have the cast on stage reacting accordingly.”

Mr Young is not put off by the challenges the group face to put on the play however. , “It might just be the toughest challenge we’ve set our technical team yet but knowing them I’m sure they won’t be stumped,” he said.

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Outside Edge will be performed at 7.30pm on the Friday and the Saturday, with a Saturday matinee at 3pm. Tickets start at �5 and are available from the CADS box office on 01763 223805.

More information can be found on the CADS website at