Special film screening at Royston Picture Palace as part of town's arts festival

The cinema screen inside Royston Picture Palace

The cinema screen inside Royston Picture Palace. - Credit: Royston Picture Palace / Saffron Screen

As part of this year's Royston Arts Festival, the town's community cinema will be hosting a special film screening.

The Royston Arts Festival returns for its 2021 edition this month with the theme ‘Renewal.’

The theme explores the hope of ‘starting again’ and ‘improving our lives’, which form the central message in the award-winning documentary I Am Belmaya.

I Am Belmaya can be seen at Royston Picture Palace as part of the Royston Arts Festival

Award-winning documentary film I Am Belmaya can be seen at Royston Picture Palace on Sunday, September 19 as part of the Royston Arts Festival - Credit: Supplied by Royston Picture Palace

The film can be seen as part of the festival’s wider programme at Royston Picture Palace at 7.30pm on Sunday, September 19, followed by a Q&A with director Sue Carpenter. 

I Am Belmaya is an inspiring documentary about a young woman's transformational journey from oppressed wife in a poor Nepalese community to pioneering filmmaker.

It is an inspirational and moving tale of rebellion, courage and hope, as Belmaya battles to change her story and take charge of her life.

Born as a low-caste Dalit in a patriarchal community, orphaned at nine and trapped in an abusive marriage with a baby daughter at 21, Belmaya has had a difficult life.

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Yet during her darkest days she returns to her love of photography and filmmaking, and we witness a young woman take charge of her own destiny and prove what can be achieved if we allow every human being real opportunity.

As Belmaya grows in confidence and ability, she turns from subject to co-director of her own story.

Film programmer and founding director at ReelN Ltd, Aman Dhillon, said: “I have been following Belmaya’s journey since she won in the Best Short Film category at the UK Asian Film Festival 2019 for her film Educate Our Daughters.

"Her story is an important one which I know will inspire so many women and I am proud to be showing the film with Royston Picture Palace as part of the Royston Arts Festival and encouraging audiences to support their local cinemas that are reopening after a difficult pandemic year.”

For tickets to attend the screening and Q&A visit roystonpicturepalace.org.uk

For the full Royston Arts Festival programme visit creativeroyston.org

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