Royston Museum finally set to reopen to families

Inside Royston Museum 

Inside Royston Museum - Credit: Amy Judd

Royston Museum is set to reopen this weekend.

Having been closed throughout the pandemic, the museum at 5 Lower King Street will welcome back visitors from Saturday, July 31.

Museum officials are limiting numbers of people allowed in to make it a safe and comfortable space for everyone. 

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Royston Museum tells the story of the people of the town.

However, there’s also lots of artefacts which have universal historical appeal, such as prehistoric stone age axe heads and other items and the museum's collection of household and farming Victorian memorabilia. These reveal how life once was, all over the UK.

"We have brand new items on display, showcased using an innovative and fascinating timeline which has objects from 3,000 years ago up until the present day and focuses on specific periods throughout Royston’s history, such as the Romans," said Amy Judd, acting museum lead.

"We also have items from the 1600s from when King James 1st (of England and 6th of Scotland) lived opposite the museum. There’s old boots and coins, medals from the Victorian era, plus more recent items such as an extremely rare Sinclair ZX car!"

Royston Museum by Freda Wright

Royston Museum by Freda Wright - Credit: Freda Wright / Royston Museum

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Amy added: "We’ve also refreshed our displays with new art from our collection that has not been on display for the last decade.

"I particularly like that two of the sweetest things are drawings by children from the 1980s, one of a kingfisher and another of a squirrel. Which you’ll find sitting side by side paintings by Ernest Whydale, a world famous local painter.”

The museum is designing activity trails for kids, to encourage them to be more present while visiting the site, and help history come to life while they search for objects, and try their hand at design.  

Royston Crow outfit from 1960 in Royston Museum

Royston Crow outfit from 1960 in Royston Museum. - Credit: Amy Judd

Amy said: "This is inspired by our unique outfit, where the fabric is printed with the front page of the Royston Crow from 1960.

"We are inviting kids to design their own outfits and create the image they would put on a T-shirt.”

In keeping with the calm and spacious, cool interior of the beautiful historical building, the museum is planning to offer bookable meditation and mindfulness sessions starting in August.

Royston accountant John Froggett is set to hold meditation and mindfulness sessions in Royston Museum.

Royston accountant John Froggett is set to hold meditation and mindfulness sessions in Royston Museum. - Credit: Helen Meissner

These will be run by local accountant John Froggett, who ran similar weekly sessions for four years out of the Hub in Melbourn until recently. Please enquire for more details by contacting the museum.

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