Musical Ordinary Days set for ADC Theatre in Cambridge

ADC Theatre’s Week 4 main show musical Ordinary Days

ADC Theatre’s Week 4 main show musical Ordinary Days - Credit: ADC Theatre

Musical Ordinary Days opens at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge next month.

The main show is being performed to a socially distanced audience at Britain’s oldest university playhouse and broadcast live at 7.45pm from Tuesday, November 3 to Saturday, November 7.

Ordinary Days depicts the lives of four New Yorkers – an uptight grad student and an eccentric artist, and a dysfunctional couple struggling to make ends.

Their lives intertwine through a vibrant and exciting score while the audience is taken on an adventure of self discovery by each character.

For director Amber De Ruyt, the show has been a lifeline over the last few weeks, particularly while she was self-isolating.

“This production could not be more well timed.

“The story is about finding a sense of belonging in a world that can seem overwhelmingly out of your control, something that our audiences need now more than ever.

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“It’s filled with great songs and our cast is beyond incredible, so this is really not one to miss.”

Whether you are looking for an escape from the world or a better way of understanding your place in it – along with some incredible singing – this is the show for you.

Thanks to the ADC’s live-streaming service, you will even be able to watch it from the comfort of your own home for only £7 if you are not yet ready to return to the theatre.

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