Miller makes a maximum impact with a sci-fi reboot at Royston’s Picture Palace

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road - Credit: Archant

You can’t complain about the ‘does what it says on the poster’ nature of this week’s top title at Royston’s Picture Palace.

It’s only four words long but it gives you a pretty fair idea of what to expect – Mad Max: Fury Road is pretty bonkers, it takes it to the max, there’s a whole load of fury and yes, it’s on the road.

And when you know that the original director of this seminal dystopian sci-fi story is back at the helm it’s time to settle back for a full throttle experience.

George Miller hardly had two pennies to rub together when he recruited a little-known Aussie actor called Mel Gibson to take the lead in a post-apocalyptic tale of petrolheads surviving in the Outback – but turned that into an advantage by concentrating on telling a fast-paced story rather than showing off his special effects.

Even now he’s had millions to spend on his reboot and he qualifies for a bus pass, those old-fashioned virtues are still to the fore in this high octane adventure.

Original star Mel is now too old and, frankly, too toxic to return to the tarmac so Tom Hardy is a suitably taciturn replacement, but it’s the no-nonsense female characters – including Charlize Theron as a one-armed action woman – who have caused most comment. To put it simply, they kick ass.

The story is what you’d expect – the lead characters need to cross the stark desert to get home, and there are plenty of psychos ready and willing to stop them.

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Nobody could accuse Miller of easing up in his later years as this hyper-kinetic chase movie starts at full speed and never pauses for breath.

Also to be found in the rogues’ gallery cast of characters are the likes of Nicholas Hoult, Zoë Kravitz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Riley Keogh. Riley who? That’s Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, trivia fans.

You can catch the film tomorrow and on Saturday night, with showings at 7.30pm. Click here to visit the Picture Palace website.

More family-friendly is Two By Two, showing at 3.30pm on Saturday afternoon.

This anodyne Euro-pudding is a family animation based on the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, and features nobody you have ever heard of.

Not wanted on voyage when the ark sails away are the clumsy, brightly-coloured Nestrians but when they try to stow away they fall overboard and have to strike out for the only bit of land not yet engulfed by water. Who will save them?

It’s completely forgettable and the storytelling is pretty flat, but it might keep the littlies happy for a decent slice of its 87 minutes.