Singer's single with internet star Jackie Weaver

Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, have teamed up with Jackie Weaver for single Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out.

Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, have teamed up with Jackie Weaver for single Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out. - Credit: Helen Meissner

A Royston accountant has teamed up with parish council internet sensation Jackie Weaver on a new single.

"You have no authority here Jackie Weaver..."

Those words went viral earlier this year and have now been turned into a record.

An impromptu musical collaboration between three people 'old enough to know better’ is about to be released.

Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out single artwork.

Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out single artwork. - Credit: Helen Meissner

Jackie Weaver's Kicked Him Out by Helefonix featuring Jackie Weaver and Joe Rose is released on Monday, March 15. 

Royston family firm The Accountancy Practice is used to hitting the headlines as a result of doing well in national awards but this latest development is something else.

John Froggett is the founder of the forward-thinking practice and now works part-time, having handed over the business to his sons, Adam and David.

Singer Joe Rose

Singer Joe Rose, aka Royston accountant John Froggett - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

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He became singer Joe Rose when he met Hertfordshire music record label boss Helen Meissner via online dating three years ago, just before his 60th birthday.

Joe released an album called Class, and musical theatre legend Elaine Paige played his rendition of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Misérables on her BBC Radio 2 show.

We can also exclusively reveal that Joe even got called up to audition for Britain’s Got Talent, which was subsequently sadly shelved this year due to COVID restrictions.

Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, on Channel 5 TV

Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, on Channel 5 TV - Credit: Channel 5

However, Joe Rose has still hit the headlines with his latest release.

He duets with none other than internet sensation Jackie Weaver on a single coming out on Monday. 

The track was created by his wife Helen, under her music name Helefonix.

The single is attracting attention far and wide, and has already been featured in national newspapers, on TV news and chat shows, music magazines, and on Radio 1's Newsbeat.  

Jackie Weaver 

Jackie Weaver, who has joined forces with Helefonix and Joe Rose to release single Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out. - Credit: Supplied by Helen Meissner

A chaotic virtual meeting of Handforth Parish Council that Jackie Weaver was attempting to run went viral earlier this year.

Jackie captured the nation’s imagination and became an overnight internet sensation when a young politics activist saw the video of the meeting she was ‘troubleshooting’ and shared it online.

Impressed with how Jackie handled the protagonists present on the Zoom meeting, John’s wife Helen sent a supportive message to her via Twitter.

Helen explained: "I was amazed when Jackie responded. So I had an idea, would Jackie be up for making a track together? And astonishingly she was.

"The whole thing took five days from start to finish!"

Husband and wife Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, have released a single with Jackie Weaver.

Husband and wife Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, are releasing a single with Jackie Weaver. - Credit: Helen Meissner

Once Jackie had approved the demo track featuring her trademark comments, Helen’s husband, singer Joe Rose, was roped in to perform the remaining catchphrases.

He added: "To be fair, I just did what I was told!

"We had both had a laugh over the original video, so I knew the story and I am a natural mimic.

"It was fun to do and it’s whetted my appetite for voice over work."

Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix

Joe Rose and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix - Credit: Helen Meissner

But why did Jackie Weaver agree to do a single in the first place?

She said: “Helen was just like a... well I was going to say a breath of fresh air, but it was actually more like a whirlwind, very enthusiastic, and also very inclusive.

"She was also very open to listening to who Jackie was. It was nice to feel part of the creative process.  

"Which is where the section ‘Make a Change’ comes from. Helen’s been a saint, she couldn’t have made it easier for me.”

Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix .

Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix. - Credit: Helen Meissner

Helen added: “Let’s Make A Change is the serious message behind this fun track.

"It’s unfortunately a necessary reminder that we still need to ‘call out’ this kind of bullying misogynistic behaviour and challenge the status quo.”

Jackie and Joe Rose are both 62, and Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, and formerly MidLifeMix, is 54. Not the usual demographic for a new pop trio.

“It’s not the sort of thing people our age usually embark on and that is half the fun,” said Jackie.

As for what she hopes to achieve with the record's release, Jackie added: "People will see that you don’t have to be old and dull to be passionate about local government – we can get involved and have fun along the way."

Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out is on general release on all the usual streaming and download platforms from Monday, March 15.

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