See Spitfires flying at IWM Duxford showcase days

Supermarine Spitfire at IWM Duxford. Picture: IWM / David Mackey

A Supermarine Spitfire at IWM Duxford. Picture: IWM / David Mackey - Credit: IWM

Two special showcase days at IWM Duxford have been announced where visitors will be able to see iconic aircraft take to the skies above the historic Cambridgeshire airfield.

There will be the opportunity to watch aircraft including Spitfires and Mustangs take to the skies during two hours of exciting flying at IWM Duxford’s special afternoon showcase on Tuesday, August 4.

Get up close to the iconic aircraft as they park up on the airfield, grab a chat with the pilots that flew them, and explore all that IWM Duxford’s museum has to offer during the perfect summer’s day out.

There will be another showcase day at the Cambridgeshire airfield on Wednesday, August 19 with Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome in Essex.

Aircraft will take to the skies over IWM Duxford and Stow Maries in a dual afternoon display starting at approximately 2pm at both sites.

Crowds will be delighted with an afternoon of flying entertainment over both historic airfields, featuring aircraft such as a Supermarine Spitfire and a de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide.

To book tickets to both Duxford Showcase Days, visit the website at

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