Spice up your Christmas with a festive cocktail or two at SIX Cambridge.

The new range of alcoholic treats is available at the bar, restaurant and brasserie, which boasts panoramic views of the city.

Royston Crow: Cranberry Sauce MargaritaCranberry Sauce Margarita (Image: SIX CAMBRIDGE)

So if you prefer a sweet, spicy, warm or a new take on an old favourite, then these will definitely hit the spot.

The menu features five merry concoctions that can be enjoyed al fresco or indoors, including:

Royston Crow: The North Pole CocktailThe North Pole Cocktail (Image: SIX CAMBRIDGE)

Cranberry Sauce Margarita (featuring tequila, brown sugar, lime, cranberry sauce, honey and frozen cranberries)

The North Pole Cocktail (featuring vodka, Kahlua, vanilla syrup and whipped cream sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and served with gingerbread cookies)

Royston Crow: Coconut Chai ToddyCoconut Chai Toddy (Image: SIX CAMBRIDGE)

Cranberry ST. Germain (featuring vodka, ST. Germain liqueur, cranberry juice, lime juice, sugar syrup, white sugar and frozen cranberries)

Coconut Chai Toddy (featuring rum, coconut cream, coconut sugar and a chair tea bag)

Royston Crow: Cranberry ST. Germain CocktailCranberry ST. Germain Cocktail (Image: SIX CAMBRIDGE)

Hot Apple Pie Cocktail (featuring Remy Martin, vanilla syrup, cinnamon syrup, apple cider, whipped cream and a cinnamon stick)

To ensure guests are in the Christmas spirit, SIX will also be playing a traditional mix of classic yuletide songs.

Royston Crow: Hot Apple Pie CocktailHot Apple Pie Cocktail (Image: SIX CAMBRIDGE)

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