Five armies, 144 minutes, and the Hobbit is whole – trilogy comes to an end at Royston’s Picture Palace

Martin Freeman in Bilbo Baggins in the final instalment of The Hobbit trilogy

Martin Freeman in Bilbo Baggins in the final instalment of The Hobbit trilogy - Credit: Archant

After a weekend packed with Paddington for the team at Royston Picture Palace, there’s another crowdpleaser on this way this weekend.

It doesn’t quite have the family appeal of the little bear from darkest Peru, but there will be plenty of fans eager to catch the final film in Peter Jackson’s tramp through Tolkein.

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies has everything you’d expect from the franchise – it’s spectacular, but it’s also confusing and very long.

It’s showing at the Royston venue on both Friday and Saturday evening at 7.30pm, and if you’re up for 144 minutes of stunning scenery, battles large and small between mythical creatures and men, and sundry stars wearing fantastic facial hair they’ll be happy to hear from you.

After a weekend devoted to the Hobbit there’s a more varied programme coming up a week later.

On Friday, February 6, there’s Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, the respectful biopic of remarkable Olympic athlete, Second World War survivor and peace campaigner Louis Zamperini with rising star Jack O’Connell in the lead role.

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 7, you can catch Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb, the third instalment in the franchise which switches the action to London, and that evening sees a screening of low-budget Bill Murray vehicle St Vincent. You can book tickets for all shows online at

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The big films on general release this week are headed up by Big Hero 6, Disney’s latest animation which shamelessly raids all sorts of other successes in the field for a story of a withdrawn young computer genius and his inflatable robot. It’s not going to be a worldwide phenomenon like Frozen, but there’s plenty to savour in this slick package.

Colin Firth has tongue firmly in cheek in Kingsman: The Secret Service, another big screen transfer for a hit comic book format which is obviously being groomed for franchise returns if it proves to be a hit.

He’s a suave superspy leading an elite team of dapper and dotty agents while Samuel L. Jackson is the lead baddy. It’s a bit of a mash-up between The Avengers – the UK TV series, not the American superheroes – and the likes of Iron Man, and passes two hours cheerily enough.

Also watch out for Trash, a drama about young rubbish pickers who find a wallet which puts them in danger.

It’s been hailed as Brazil’s answer to Slumdog Millionaire, with a writing credit for Richard Curtis, Stephen ‘Billy Elliott’ Dalry calling the shots and slots in the cast for grown-ups including Martin Sheen and Rooney Mara.