Cult comedian for Cambridge

ONE of the stars of cult comedy Flight of the Conchords will bring his manic stand-up show to Cambridge in two weeks.

Rhys Darby is probably most well known for playing the incompetent but well meaning manager Murray in the TV show but the New Zealander has more to offer than his scene grabbing character lets on.

The 38-year-old has paid his dues, appearing at countless comedy festivals before Conchords shot him into the limelight and is set for a triumphant return to the UK stage.

Renowned for his sound effect skills and robotic miming the comic has managed to forge a career accentuating his eccentricity. And with even the decidedly odd Jim Carrey comparing him to the late great Peter Sellers you wouldn’t be surprised to find the subject of his show is quite bonkers.

The comic has heard tales the world is set to end this year, but he has a plan.

He’s fairly sure the superpowers each have a spaceship ready to launch on the eve of Armageddon. The trick is… to get on board.

With only three craft to choose from the unfortunate ones without VIP tickets must try to impress the right people to escape oblivion.

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Rhys draws on his own (mis)adventures to take audiences on an autobiographical journey from meek geek to king of cool.

The show is a handy guide to living your life like you’re the champion no-one has heard of and in the end you might find you’ve been invited to recolonise another planet.

It promises to combine everything Rhys is known for – surreal musings, hilarious stories from his life and a healthy dollop of nonsense and fantasy.

This new stand-up show accompanies Rhys’ first novel, This Way to Spaceship, ‘a handy autobiographical end of world companion’.

Rhys appears at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Friday, July 13. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are �20 with a a �2 booking fee on all tickets.

They are available from or by calling 01223 357851.