Catch Eddie’s Oscar turn at Royston Picture Palace, and David’s performance that got the thumbs down


Selma - Credit: Archant

You can catch the performance which won this year’s Best Actor Oscar at Royston Picture Palace this week – as well as one which some reckon was shamefully ignored by the judges.

First up on Friday is Eddie Redmayne, painstakingly bringing Professor Stephen Hawking to the big screen in The Theory Of Everything.

Young Eddie was clearly pleased as punch to carry off the golden statuette for what everyone agrees was a role that had Oscar written all over it.

But not even in the reckoning on the night, which caused rumbling in some quarters, was another rising British star.

David Oyelowo’s much-praised depiction of Martin Luther King in the true life civil rights drama Selma wasn’t the only omission – the movie itself failed to make the best picture shortlist, too.

You can see the film for yourself on Saturday night at 7.30pm.

When it comes to Oscars, Meryl Streep has been there and done that.

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She was picking out a posh frock again this year after being given the nod in the best supporting actress category in the big screen take on Stephen Sondheim music Into The Woods.

There was some sniffiness about James Corden in one of the fairytale stories and downright derision about another Johnny Depp outing in daft costume and dafter accent.

But if you’re a fan of Sondheim tunes there’s lots to enjoy and a raft of other famous faces to spot from 5pm on Sunday. To find out how to book tickets go to

On general release, Jason Statham bounces back with, guess what, another rough tough adventure – he’s a former gambler turned personal bodyguard who finds himself caught up with the mob.

Calling the shots in Wild Card is Expendables 2 director Simon West and although this marks the screenwriting return of legendary Hollywood scribe William Goldman it’s entirely predictable.

In The Voices Ryan Reynolds plays a deranged serial killer – but it’s a comedy, honest.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent is the next chapter of the teen fiction crossover that didn’t really set the box office alight when the first instalment was released last year. There’s a lot packed in to the screen version of Veronica Roth’s dystopian sci-fi series, but some will find it hard to follow.

Then there’s Home, an animated comedy about an alien fugitive bonding with a young girl from the people who brought you How to Train Your Dragon.