A GROUP often referred to as the loudest band in New York will be leaving ears ringing in Cambridge next month.

A Place To Bury Strangers eschew rock’n’roll cliches - instead opting for a layered overdriven sound that manages to be both passionate and tinged with ennui rather than testerone fuelled thrash.

Famed for furious live shows the Americans have built a passionate fan base that thrives on their carefully cultivated sound.

Talking about their new album Worship, Dion Lunadon, vocalist, said: “This album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by A Place To Bury Strangers.

“It is our vision of what our music should sound like in 2012, not someone else’s interpretation. Every sound on the album is made by us and our tools; tools created by us, used on no other recordings, and purposefully built for this project.

“This is real. Some of it is the band being in complete control — bending, shaping and building the songs and the sounds. Other parts are the band relinquishing control and letting the songs and sounds take over and produce themselves. We are not trying to reinvent ourselves, but simply push ourselves further in all aspects of our music.”

The Junction hosts the gig on Sept 13, tickets are �9.