Super Gran takes European triathlon by storm

Annette Herdman Melbourn GB triathlete

Annette Herdman Melbourn GB triathlete - Credit: Archant

A Melbourn lady in her 60s has powered to 11th within her age category at the European Sprint Triathlon in Geneva, Switzerland.

The feat is made all the more amazing by the fact that Annette Herdman, 65, only participated in her first triathlon just three years ago.

Mother of four and grandmother to nine, Annette said: “My daughter Jane persuaded me to take part in the London Triathlon in 2011 as an alternative to ultra races and I have loved ever minute since.

“To qualify for the GB age group team and take part was an incredible experience.”

Before her triathlon exploits, Annette decided to challenge herself by entering the Marathon des Sables, an ultra-marathon covering 156 miles of the Sahara Desert in just six days. It is considered one of the toughest foot races on the planet.

One of her other daughters, Laura said: “My Mum is inspirational and has also been a positive role model for her grandchildren, with one even completing his own triathlon at age eight. She deserves every accolade there is.”