School of Excellence trip for Royston trio

THREE Royston Hockey Club players attended the Hockey School of Excellence in Cambridge over the Easter weekend.

The weekend was sponsored by England Hockey and run by members of the current England squads including U21 internationals and ex-Royston and now England Ladies star Jo Ellis of Bassingbourn. James Barker, 10, (picture attached) plus James Biddlecombe, 13 and Max Harper, 14, had one of the best experiences in the their young hockey careers over three days. For James it was so successful that they moved him up into a higher year group so he could be challenged more than his current pier group.

RHC president, Colin Smith, said: “Having just finished yet another really successful year for both our seniors our juniors with an even higher level of U16s achieving gold standard in Stick Skills, this is exactly what Royston hockey juniors need to encourage them to push to be the best.

“It is a great credit to our club coach Bob Biddlecombe and his dedicated team of coaches who deliver week in week out a really high standard of training and set up our juniors to be represented by our growing club in Royston, but also our county and ultimately our country.”