Royston Town and Royston Town Youth launch boot bank to help supply football for all

The poster advertising the boot bank, a joint venture between Royston Town and Royston Town Youth

The poster advertising the boot bank, a joint venture between Royston Town and Royston Town Youth. - Credit: ROYSTON TOWN FC

Royston Town Football Club and Royston Town Youth FC have joined forces as they continue to look at removing barriers to playing the game.

Their common ‘football for all’ ethos has led to the creation of a boot bank, where previously used football boots and astroturf trainers that have been outgrown can be re-used and saved from landfill.

The boot bank can be accessed discretely by anyone in the Royston community and no donation is required in return.

The scheme has been helped by the generous support of Steve Brown, owner of Steve Brown Plumbing & Heating, who has sponsored the boot bank and a dedicated yellow wheelie bin at Garden Walk will be used as a donation point.

Giles Parnwell, chairman of Royston Town Youth, said: “As a club we know how expensive football can be and we are committed to making participating in football in the Royston area as reasonable as we possibly can.

"We also know all too well how quick kids’ feet can grow. We have around 600 young players taking part in football on a weekly basis across our 40 teams which means that there will be a staggering number of outgrown boots and trainers in good condition that are often left at home unused or even thrown away.

"Children, teenagers and adults can participate in this scheme so that hopefully we can give good quality boots a new home."

Lewis Endacott for Royston

Royston Town's head of community, Lewis Endacott, in action for the club back in 2014. - Credit: KEVIN LINES

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The Crows' head of community, Lewis Endacott, said: "We have long held the belief that football is for all in our community and we are fully committed in doing all that we can to help kids, teenagers or adults get playing or watching football.

"The health benefits of participating in sport, both physically and mentally, cannot be underestimated and as a club we are very aware of the difficulties that many face or have faced due to the pandemic.

"If the boot bank removes an obstacle for someone to participate in the beautiful game then we’ll be both pleased and proud."

Those who can donate any clean undamaged boots or astro trainers should email for more information or to enquire about the current stock.