Royston Town boss Steve Castle: Play-offs a possibility after 2-1 St Ives derby win

Steve Castle's Royston Town beat St Ives 2-1 at Garden Walk

Steve Castle's Royston Town beat St Ives 2-1 at Garden Walk - Credit: Archant

Read Royston Town boss Steve Castle’s thoughts after his Crows team beat St Ives 2-1 in derby at Garden Walk.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s performance? It was tense at the end there.

St Ives were a nice little test. At 1-0 I thought it was going to be a little bit easier than what it was, so fair play to them. From our perspective, I don’t think we hit the heights performance-wise, but two great finishes by Adam Marriott have ensure that we’ve ended up getting all three points.

Do you think you should have scored more goals tonight?

We had quite a few chances first-half, but I really don’t think we’re hitting our full potential. It’s very frustrating. There are a hell of a lot of players here that are good lads with good skill. You know, I just said to them there: ‘you’re an honest bunch’. They know when they’ve done well and they know when they’ve not been so clever. I said to them: ‘we’ve got the benefit of the match being recorded’. They can have a little look, a little think, and be their own assessors [recording themselves is something that Royston have been doing since the start of this season]. It’s nice that’s it’s recorded - the camera never lies!

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I was personally very impressed with the performances of your two full-backs (Ed Asafu-Adjaye and Lee Chapell). Is that something you’ve worked on in training, or are they just natural athletes?

Yeah, we’ve got a little circle shape now. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. They’re vital if we’re going to play the way we play. We’re going to play that way all the time - I thought Lee Chapell was outstanding. Sam Ives was in there for a while and got some good crosses in. It’s important that when we have our wing-backs, they get themselves forward, get crosses in and be as productive as possible.

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What’s your aim for this season, generally speaking?

Consolidation, and top-half. I think going into a new league, it’s unrealistic that we’re going to win it, but I think we have an outside chance of making the play-offs. We’ve been unlucky in the play-offs for two years in the Southern Central League, but who knows…

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