Royston Runners invade Cambridge for city’s Half Marathon

08/03/15 Cambridge half marathon
Cambridge Half Marathon. Picture: Warren Gunn

08/03/15 Cambridge half marathon Cambridge Half Marathon. Picture: Warren Gunn - Credit: Archant

Royston Runners were in fine fettle as they tackled the Cambridge Half Marathon at the weekend.

Paul Makowski was first of the near 50 Royston Runners to finish in a time of 1:18:42. Lauren Davison was first of the ladies to complete the 13.1 mile course in 1:42:11.

Full results: Paul Makowski (MV40), 1:18:42; Grant Chapman (MV30), 1:24:38; Godfrey Tofts (MV50), 1:27:41; Steve Mulholland (MV40), 1:35:36: Craig Doggett (MV40), 1:38:28.; Lauren Davison (FS), 1:42:11; Paul Haynes (MV30), 1:44:05; Ross Rounsevell (MV30), 1:44:16; Diane Glynn (FV50), 1:46:07; Tina Le (FV30), 1:48:27; Kevin Stigwood (MV40), 1:48:11; Shaun Reid (MV40), 1:49:09; Ian Knightley (MV60), 1:51:13; Gordon Aspin (MV50), 1:52:02; Jayne Odell (FV40), 1:51:52; Susan Wilkinson (FV50), 1:53:51; Julie McGreal (FV60), 1:53:07; Kim Monti (FV50), 1:53:54; Claire Marie Littlewood (FV40), 1:54:58; Fiona Cannon (FV40), 1:56:20; Andrea Cook (FV30), 1:57:26; Julie Calvert (FV40), 1:57:04; Steve Donelan (MV30), 1:56:45; Michael Odell (MV40), 2:01:16; Doug Higgins (MV50), 2:00:53; Paula Smith (FV40), 2:03:26; Debbie Chapman (FV40), 2:03:05; Tracey Coote (FV40), 2:04:55; Alastair Brown (MV40), 2:05:49; Cheryl Boswell (FV50), 2:06:55; Alice Donelan (FV30), 2:07:12; Emily Davison (FV40), 2:06:53; Lynne Hays (FV50), 2:09:40; Ian Brown (MV60), 2:10:24; Lucy Davison (FV30), 2:12:46; Julie Kirwan (FV50), 2:14:35); Stephen Lyons (MV50), 2:14:35; Janet Rogers (FV50), 2:18:11; Patrick Humphreys (MV40), 2:25:47; Katherine Hurcomb (FV40), 2:26:34; Kay Lyons (FV50), 2:29:13; Jackie Garland (FV60), 2:29:13; Valerie Davison (FV70), 2:30:44; Maureen Miller (FV50), 2:36:04.

Royston also entered a team of two into the relay. Maurice Hill took the first leg and Graham Hill the second.

Team Hill achieved third place in a total time of 1:34:35.

With 3619 finishers on the day, the first in 1:08:49 and the last in 3:25:51, Royston performed excellently.

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