Royston Rockets round-up

ROYSTON Rockets BMX Club enjoyed some good results in the fourth round of the East Anglia BMX 2010 Summer Series last Sunday.

It was also the second of the Inter-Regional Challenge between East Anglia and the South Region and was held at the new track of the Braintree BMX Club.

Over 300 riders from across both regions registered for the event although the weather played a major part on the day’s racing with high winds affecting the riders’ lines on the track.

Royston had 18 riders taking part and Ella Tomsett, the youngest member which took part, finished third in the Girls 7-8 Class while Faye Godfrey took fifth in the 11-12 Class.

Katie Roberts had a fine race to finish second in the Championship Class while Helen Nicholl was fifth in the Ladies Cruiser over-25s Class.

The male riders also came away with good results with Alfie Salmon taking third in the 8-year Class B final while James King came third in the main A final.

Other Results: Marmaduke Birt third in the B final; Daniel Blanche third in 10-year Class; Ethan Vernon fourth in 11-year Class; James Handleigh third in 14-year A final; Jordan Godfrey sixth in 15-year Class; Andrew Brooke seventh in 16-year A final; Richard Townsend fifth in 17-24 Class; Alex Shore-Nye eighth in over-30s class; Lee Alexander won the over-40s Class; Matt Salmon third in the 35-39 Class; Carl Birt fourth in the over-45s.