Royston Rockets among 200 riders at round two of East Anglia BMX Racing event

Royston BMX Track

Royston BMX Track - Credit: Archant

Almost 200 riders registered for Round Two of the East Anglia BMX Racing Regional event in Braintree, Essex, including riders from across the UK attempting to pick up more national ranking points to qualify for July’s World Championships at Zolder.

Royston Rockets’ Dominic Hines and Shae Smith took part in the 7yr class where Dominic took third in the A final, while Shae took third in the B final.

In the 10yr event, Joshua Abbott took third in the A final and Oliver Dwyer qualified for the class B final where he took first place.

The older riders had their classes combined so Royston’s three riders in the male 11yr class were competing with 12-year-old riders.

After splitting their results, Joshua Izzard took first in his class and third overall in the A final, with team-mates Harry Evans in fourth and Christopher Davies finishing eighth.

The two 13-year-old Rockets in the male 13/14 class also both made the finals. Bradley Marvel took sixth and Louis Foreman ended ninth.

James King and Daniel Blanche, both riding in the 15yr category, had yet another day-long battle in the male 15/16 class, with James just edging it with second overall and Daniel in third.

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Frederick Kan finished in fourth in the 16yr category.

The oldest riders register in their normal classes of 17-24, 25-29, Masters (30+) and Veterans (40+), but on the track, all four classes were combined into one group.

Royston’s veteran rider, Darren Foreman, had a frustrating day with technical issues in most of his races, ending in seventh in his own class.

Royston female riders were riding in the Cruiser classes where Alyx Foreman took third in the 17-29 category, Clare Pollard managed third in the 30+ class and team mate Laura Russell finished eighth.

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