Under 10 – Division A Bishops St Swift A 3-0 Baldock Town Templars Knebworth Wildcats Blk 9-0 Pin Green Juniors A Letchworth GCE Red 5-2 Bishops Stortford Youth Royston Celtic A 2-0 Broadhall Youth A Royston Town Colts A 2-3 Wymondley Park A Stevenage Bor

Under 10 - Division A

Bishops St Swift A 3-0 Baldock Town Templars

Knebworth Wildcats Blk 9-0 Pin Green Juniors A

Letchworth GCE Red 5-2 Bishops Stortford Youth

Royston Celtic A 2-0 Broadhall Youth A

Royston Town Colts A 2-3 Wymondley Park A

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Stevenage Boro Reds 2-3 Buntingford A

Under 10 - Division B

Bishops St Swift B 0-1 Baldock Town Crusaders

Knebworth Wildcats Gold 0-0 Pin Green Juniors B

Letchworth GCE Blue 1-0 Bishops Stortford Ath

Royston Celtic B 2-1 Broadhall Youth B

Royston Town Colts B 0-1 Wymondley Park B

Stevenage Boro Yellows 1-6 Buntingford B

Under 10 - Division C

Albion Youth 1-1 Potton Colts

Benington Youth 2-4 Melbourn Dyn Leopards

Bishops St Wanderers 0-3 Hatfield Youth

Buntingford Cougars C 0-1 Manuden Juniors

F C Comets 2-3 Hormead Hares

H C Cougars 5-0 Symonds Green

Under 10 - Division D

Arlesey Town A 3-0 Stotfold Juniors A

Bishops St Rangers 1-3 Stevenage Town A

Bishops Stortford Jets 0-0 Biggleswade Town A

Fairlands Youth A 2-1 Baldock Town Knights

Letchworth GCE Yellow 3-0 Stevenage Borough Blue

Melbourn Panthers 5-1 Shefford Saints A

Under 10 - Division E

Arlesey Town B 1-2 Stotfold Juniors B

Bishops St United 1-1 Biggleswade Town B

Bishops Stortford Rovers 3-1 Stevenage Town B

Fairlands Youth B 3-3 Baldock Town Lancers

Letchworth GCE White 3-1 Stevenage Borough Tigers

Melbourn Tigers 3-0 Shefford Saints B

Under 11 - Division 2

Ashwell Academicals 4-1 Baldock Town Youth Crusaders

Bishops Stortford Athletic 1-1 Bishops Stortford Northolt

Broadhall Youth 2-3 Letchworth GCE Reds

Potton Colts 5-2 Bassingbourn Youth

Sawbridgeworth Juniors Reds 2-0 Bedwell Rangers A

Under 11 - Division 3

Arlesey Town Youth 2-4 Bishops Stortford Rovers

Hormead Hares 6-0 Letchworth GCE Blues

Sandy Colts 1-3 Pin Green Juniors

Stevenage Boro Junior Blues 0-2 Fairlands Youth

Symonds Green 3-1 Hitchin Town Youth

Under 12 - Division 1

Bishops Stortford Youth 0-1 Buntingford Cougars Blue

Knebworth Youth 1-2 Fairlands Youth Blues

Letchworth GCE Blues 3-1 Wymondley Park

Stevenage Boro Junior Reds 1-2 Letchworth GCE Reds

Under 12 - Division 2

Biggleswade Town Youth 2-3 St Neots Town Boys

Bishops Stortford Athletic 1-2 Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors Reds

Fairlands Youth Whites 4-1 Royston Celtic Whites

Hitchin Town Youth 1-4 Wymondley Park Wanderers

Stotfold Juniors 0-5 Shefford Saints

Under 12 - Division 3

Bishops Stortford Northolt 1-1 Bedwell Rangers Bombers

Broadhall Youth 3-0 Letchworth GCE Yellows

Herts Rangers 10-0 Baldock Town Youth Knights

Pin Green Juniors 8-0 Sandy Colts

Potton Colts 10-1 Letchworth GCE Whites

Under 12 - Division 4

Arlesey Town Youth 6-0 Baldock Town Youth Lancers

Buntingford Cougars White 1-5 Hormead Hares

Royston Celtic Greens 11-2 Hatfield Youth

Stansted Juniors 2-5 Bishops Stortford Rangers

Stevenage Boro Juniors Stripes 5-0 Stevenage Boro Juniors Tigers

Stevenage Colts 3-8 Austen Arrowheads

Weston Youth p-p Albion Youth

Under 13 - Division 1

Benington Youth 3-1 Bishops Stortford Athletic

Buntingford Cougars 0-3 Apollo FC

Wymondley Park 10-2 Potton Colts Blues

Under 13 - Division 2

Arlesey Town Youth Blues 3-0 Pin Green Juniors

Bedwell Rangers 3-3 Stevenage Colts

Bishops Stortford Northolt 0-1 Austen Arrowheads

Sawbridgeworth Juniors Reds 5-4 Knebworth Youth

Stevenage Town Youth 11-3 Saturn

Under 13 - Division 3

Ashwell Academicals 3-6 Pin Green Blues

Broadhall Youth 5-1 Letchworth GCE Blues

Fairlands Youth Blues 0-4 Shefford Saints

Hormead Hares 8-0 Stevenage Rangers

Royston Town Colts A 2-0 Stevenage Borough Juniors

Sandy Colts 8-0 Baldock Town Youth Crusaders

Under 13 - Division 4

Arlesey Town Youth Sky 4-4 Baldock Town Youth Knights

Hatfield Town 3-5 Sawbridgeworth Juniors Blues

Manuden Juniors 0-2 Letchworth GCE Reds

Potton Colts Whites 2-1 Eternit Colts

Stotfold Juniors 1-1 Bishops Stortford Jets

Wymondley Park Wanderers 6-2 Bishops Stortford Rovers

Under 14 - Division 1

Baldock Town Youth Knights 3-1 Harlow Town Rangers

Bishops Stortford Northolt 3-1 Knebworth Youth

Hitchin Town Youth 0-0 Harlow Town Youth

Letchworth GCE Royals 2-3 Royston Town Colts

Royston Celtic 2-0 Austen Arrowheads

Under 14 - Division 2

Arlesey Town Youth 4-5 St Neots Town Boys Navy Blues

Biggleswade Town Youth 5-2 Baldock Town Youth Crusaders

Hormead Hares 2-8 Letchworth GCE Blues

Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors 0-1 Bishops Stortford Jets

Stansted Juniors 3-0 Bedwell Rangers

Stevenage Colts 1-1 Buntingford Cougars

Under 14 - Division 3

Baldock Town Youth Lancers 7-0 JCA Youth

Letchworth GCE Yellows 12-0 Benington Youth

Trident FC B 1-1 Fairlands Youth

Under 15 - Cup

Wymondley Park 5-2 Baldock Templars

Under 15 - Division 1

Bishops Stortford Northolt 4-2 Knebworth Youth

Letchworth GCE Reds 7-1 Harlow Town Youth Reds

Royston Town 7-1 Eternit

Stevenage Boro Junior Reds 4-5 Arlesey Town Youth

Under 15 - Division 2

Baldock Town Youth Crusaders 0-3 Stevenage Boro Junior Blues

Bedwell Rangers Blues 4-7 Letchworth GCE Whites

Buntingford Cougars 1-4 Bishops Stortford Youth

Dunton 3-1 St Neots Town Boys

Hormead Hares 3-0 Broadhall Youth

Sawbridgeworth Town 4-0 Elsenham Youth

Stevenage Colts 2-6 Bishops Stortford Jets

Under 16 - Division 1

Benington Youth v Royston Town Colts

Bishops Stortford Northolt A 6-2 Bishops Stortford Swifts

Stansted Juniors 0-6 Bedwell Rangers

Stevenage Boro Junior Blues 4-7 Baldock Town Youth Templars

Under 16 - Division 2

Bishops Stortford Youth 1-4 Baldock Town Youth Crusaders

Broadhall Youth 0-4 Austen Arrowheads

Buntingford Cougars A 5-2 Albion Youth

Buntingford Cougars B p-p Stotfold Juniors

Harlow Town 9-1 Stevenage Boro Reds

Letchworth GCE Blues 1-14 Bishops Stortford Northolt B

Under 17 - Division 1

Baldock Town Youth Crusaders 0-2 Arlesey Town Youth

Bishops Stortford Northolt 2-0 Hitchin Town Youth

Bishops Stortford Swifts 4-4 Bassingbourn Youth

Letchworth GCE Orange 1-2 Shefford Saints

Risden Wood 2-5 Wymondley Park

Sawbridgeworth Town Jnrs 5-2 BS Jets

Under 18 - Cup

Austen Arrowheads 2-2 BS Youth (A won 10-9 on pens)

Stansted Juniors 4-2 BS Northolt

Stevenage Borough Jnrs 1-5 Potton Colts Blues

Stotfold Jnr 3-4 LGCE Youth

Royston Crow League Page- 1 -

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