Rink by rink results

PUBLISHED: 12:14 18 May 2006 | UPDATED: 14:42 12 May 2010

Foxton Afternoon League Melbourn 50 Meldreth 53 (Meldreth names first) Rink One: A Mead, B J Clutterbuck, A Genockey 11; J Baldwin, M Baldwin, M Kernaghan 27. Rink Two: R Brooksbank, D Brunsdon, S Chapman 10; T Mitchell, D Woodcock, J Gibson 19. Rink

Foxton Afternoon League

Melbourn 50 Meldreth 53

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: A Mead, B J Clutterbuck, A Genockey 11; J Baldwin, M Baldwin, M Kernaghan 27. Rink Two: R Brooksbank, D Brunsdon, S Chapman 10; T Mitchell, D Woodcock, J Gibson 19. Rink Three: K Pryke, M Chapman, G Gunton 32; D Clarke, S Gibson, C Blows 4.

Men's County League

Newmarket 73 Meldreth 68

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: B J Clutterbuck, J Stubbings, W Parkin, R Mead 15; M Couch 23. Rink Two: S Chapman, R Brooksbank, J Piper, S Young 15; P Parr 17. Rink Three: K Jacklin, D Parker, K Lee, K Stanford 21; J Southgate 18. Rink Four: D Indaco, D Peacock, D Sheldrick, M L Chapman 16; R Peacock 15.

Cambs & Dist League Division 1

Melbourn 57 (2 pts)

Alexander/Beehive 66 (5 pts)

Rink One: J Dodds, M Cooper, K Howard 14; H Ward, J Cullum, D Newton 16. Rink Two: Bet King, M Rogers, G Bridger 18; M Brown, A Ward, C Banks 9. Rink Three: S Sell, D Bridger, R Sell 16; B Benstoad, D Hart, T Ayers 15. Rink Four: Bob King, P Barrett, A Howard 9; A Jones, P Eden, B Herriman 26.

Melbourn 55(2 pts)

Bassingbourn 66 (5 pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: D Bridger, K Howard, G Bridger 8; D Slater, S Manning, K Clark 18. Rink Two: Bob King, M Kernaghan, J Jarman 14; J Stewart, J Cipullo, I Stewart 25. Rink Three: M Davey, A Howard, J Gillings 17; A Brown, K Cleaver, G Parrish 14. Rink Four: S Sell, M Cooper, R Sell 16; D Laing, T Infanti, B Manley 9

Cambs& Dist League Division 5

Melbourn 39 (1 pt)

T W I 74 (6 pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: D Clark, F Tyrell, R Morgan 10; R Hampur, R Jones, B Beavis 14. Rink Two: J Stanford, M Neville, D Wooding 15; J Holmes, J Richardson, A Lambert 10. Rink Three: L Morgan, J Gibson, A Brown 5; B Lee, M Mallows, L Lakon 22. Rink Four: S Neville, D Tyrell, E Brown 9; Katrina, P Black, B Stevenson 28

Foxton League

Melbourn 51 (2 pts)

Meldreth 52 (3 pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: T Mitchell, D Wooding, J Gibson 19; R Brookbank, D Brunsden, S Chapman 10. Rink Two: J Baldwin, M Baldwin, M Kernaghan 27; A Mead, B Clutterbuck, A Genocky 11. Rink Three: D Clark, S Gibson, C Blows 5; K Pryke, M Chapman, G Gunton 32

Friendly matches

Melbourn 70 Norton 75

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: S Sell, D Clark, R Sell 21; C Dutson, R Perry, F Neal 11. Rink Two: L Morgan, Y Blows, M Kernaghan 16; M Brundell, A Brundell, P Bryan 17. Rink Three: D Tyrell, M Mann, M Davey 16; J Byram, K Dutson, R Bower 8. Rink Four: F Tyrell, R Morgan, C Blows 10; C Jellis, R Dean, R Downile 17. Rink Five: B Dumpleton, S Dumpleton, E Brown 7; C Ward, A Kitchener, T Saunders 22.

Foxton 104 Eternit 65

(Eternit names first) Rink One: J Pendrick, R King, C Gray 15; D Pope, J Cox, M Kelly 23. Rink Two: J Ottley, A Kendall, C Willmott 15; J Arnold, T Mitchell, B Mayo 15. Rink Three: K Gunnell, L Shelford, P Kenzie 20. Rink Four: J Neaves, B Cowlan, R Batt 10; T Neaves, S Ford, S Coote 22. Rink Five: D Broadley, C Chamberlain, S Willmott 12; J Chamberlain, K Neeves, J Cox 24.



North Herts 78 Steeple Morden 65

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: C Austin, I Cherasse, D Lloyd 14. J Fennessy, D Harman, A Hodgeson 11. Rink two: J Hudson, P Harper, A Thompson 22. R Glenn, R Leathers, C Crombie 18. Rink three: J Worboys, F Thorp, R Worboys 9. R Smith, B Rawlins, G Osborne 22. Rink four: C Sheehan, D Hart, D Sheehan 20. R Sleat, T Mealing, B Simpkins 27.


Shefford BC 71 Steeple Morden 80

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: M Stanford, C Sheehan, S Moss, J Clarke 15. M Stevens, M Buchnell, H Foulkes, P Hyde 18. Rink two: D Sheehan, D Moss, A Thompson, G Bushby 17. D Dodd, D Davis, C Day, V King 22. Rink three: M Fortune, G Meade, M Meade, B Jeeves 20. L Dolby, M Hammond, R For, J Tompkins 14. Rink four: P Bigley, M Skinner, B Stimpson, K Eversden 28. C Crouch, S Foulkes, D Northorn, G Henry 17.


ICL 52 Steeple Morden 73

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: J Hudson, D Sheehan, B Jeeves 18. C Andrews, B Saville, B Bradbury 15. Rink two: J Worboys, F Thorp, D Lloyd 19. P Martinez, P Garside, A Fabris 16. Rink three: I Cherasse, D Hart, R Worboys 19. M Hackett, S Brown, M Dean 9. Rink four: C Austin, G Wilmott, A Thompson 17. A Savage, T Ware, T Fabris 12.

Meldreth League

Great Chesterford 53

Steeple Morden 61

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: D Sheehan, S Baulk, G Meade 16. M Linwood, K Catchpole, L Kennet 12. Rink two: M Meade, M Sanford, K Everdan 15. B Elliott, B Pashley, M Flack 16. Rink three: D McKee, K Austin, Br Archer 15. T Freeman, C Britten, D Kennet 8. Rink four: T Mack, Ba Archer, J Clarke 15. A Leader, B Ingham, J Green. 17.

Points 5 -2.

County League

Steeple Morden 76 Sawston BC 85

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: A Thomson, K Austin, G Meade, T Basar 21. P Osloby, B Croft, J Speed, P Sharp 17. Rink two: P Bigley, M Meade, K Everdon, B Jeeves 23. R Burroughs, R Flack, P Stock, B Joy 18. Rink three: D McKee, K Jones, H Jarman, G Busby 15. M Binee, W Taylor, R Whitmore, P Whitmore 24. Rink four: J Adams, B Stimson, M Fortune, T Hunter 17. R Binge, B Reed, N Flack, S Jacobs 26.

Steeple Morden 79 Meldreth BC 50

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: M Fortune, M Meade, G Meade 19. M Hulway, B Layton, M Chapman 15. Rink two: C Sheehan, D McKee, B Stimpson 20. A Mead, J Layton, M Jaal 13. Rink three: M Cook, M Best, B Jeeves 14. D Pepper, D Chapman, B Clutterbuck 17. Rink four: D Sheehan, M McKee, H Jarman 26. K Jackson, A Carter, B Brook 5.

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