Reid wins silver medal at World Games

Visually impaired Melbourn judoka delighted with achievement in Turkey

LESLEY REID captured silver at the 2011 International Blind Sport Federation (IBSA) World Games on Thursday in Antalya, Turkey.

The 49-year-old, from Royston, who took bronze at the VI World Championships in Antalya last year, beat Turkey’s Yilkiran in her first match and France’s Manzuoli in her second. She met Ghenem from Algeria in the semi final and held her down to win her spot in the final.

Reid gave up 45 kilos in weight as China’s Yuan, who powered her way to victory to force the Brit to settle for silver.

“I did what I came here to do, it was my target to get in the final and I did, so I am really pleased,” said Reid, a long-time member of Melbourn Judo Club.

“Over the last year I lost a lot of weight through training, but I have pretty much put it all back on in muscle.

“My opponent in the final weighed 45 kilos heavier than me, so I was giving away quite a lot of weight and she caught me early on in the fight. I won all my other fights within the first minute, so all that hard work on strength and conditioning wasn’t really put to use, but I am pleased with the result.

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“Visually impaired judo is very hard on the legs as you start gripped, there’s not a massive amount of movement so strength and power is vitally important.

“It was a good competition and good experience for me. I have learnt that I need more competition experience to get that full confidence and I need to start getting used to fighting heavier girls than me.”

Paralympic Programme Manager, Dave Sanders, said: “It’s a great result for Lesley, who has worked hard over the last year and made big improvements in her judo and physical and mental preparation.

“The 2011 World Games is probably one of the hardest tournaments our players have entered with countries being allowed to enter two judokas in each weight category.

“We are really pleased with the team’s performance here and the players have gained invaluable experience which will help them develop and prepare for the Europeans in London later this year and, of course, the 2012 Paralympics.”