Mixed time for Revivals

Revivals Race Team's Paul Wakeling's MG breaks a propshaft

Revivals Race Team's Paul Wakeling's MG breaks a propshaft - Credit: Archant

REVIVALS Race Team from Thriplow near Royston ventured to Mallory Park in Leicester for round four of the British Rallycross Championship and suffered a mixed weekend.

Todd Crooks was third on the podium and Paul Wakeling was going well until a broken propshaft ended his challenge.

With Shelley Wakeling’s super-charged Honda Civic under going modifications, it was Paul Wakeling and Crooks flying the flag for the team.

Both were competing in the British Super Modified class with their Revivals-built cars.

Crooks put in three fantastic heats in the super-charged BMW Mini, qualifying him fourth on the grid for the final.

Wakeling won one of his heats and was second in both of the others posting some pretty impressive times; he qualified on the front row for the final.

The lights flashed and the pedal was put to the metal.

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Wakeling made a quick start and was straight up into second position.

Crooks slotted into fifth chasing hard after the leaders.

Unfortunately third placed Stuart Emery’s Peugeot 206 broke a driveshaft, moving Crooks up to third.

Then more disaster struck when Wakeling’s MG broke the propshaft which dug into the ground causing the car to pole vault forward.

It dug in three times before it came to settle in the middle of the chicane.

Crooks drove smartly and slid through moving him up to third, where he held on to his third place podium finish.

Unfortunately for Wakeling the chicane was where he finished his day and he had to be recovered by the safety team.

The MG took a major hit causing a lot of damage which has now put it out for the rest of the season.

It is a shame for Wakeling as he was third overall in the standings and with the possible second placed points from Mallory he would have jumped up to second in the British Championship.

The team hope to rebuild and modify the MG to make it even faster for next year’s season.