Middleton boost as Royston beat holders

ROYSTON S Peter Adams, Simon Lee, Matt Coppen, and Mick O Flanagan helped Hertfordshire to a 122-99 victory over holders Norfolk in the Middleton Cup, with all four in impressive form. And Coppen continued that form in the County Singles competition wher

ROYSTON'S Peter Adams, Simon Lee, Matt Coppen, and Mick O'Flanagan helped Hertfordshire to a 122-99 victory over holders Norfolk in the Middleton Cup, with all four in impressive form.

And Coppen continued that form in the County Singles competition where he beat B Platten of the Garston Club. Coppen was on 19 for five ends, while Platten started to peg back his lead of nine shots.

However, Coppen did manage to gain the two shots he required, and eventually won 21-14.

Peter Graves also had a tight match against Ross Kilford of Roebuck, and claimed a victory with his last bowl of the game to win 21-20.

Keith Dockree also won, beating Baldock's P Riley in another close encounter which he also won 21-20.

Don Sheriff had an easy 21-5 win over his Stevenage opponent, while two Royston players came up against each other, with Laurie Ramsay beating Mike Randall 21-6.

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Peter Adams beat Roebuck's Gary Wood 21-15, while the foursome of Charles Gifford, Mike Randall, Brian Pepper, and skip Rodney Dean narrowly lost a hard fought game against Baldock.

Keith Dockree and Roger Davies outplayed their opponents for a 22-14 victory in the National Over 55 Pairs.

Royston Ladies met Buntingford Ladies in a three-rink triples, in which Buntingford pipped Royston by one shot to finish the game 56-55 winners.

In the National Two Fours competition, Don Sheriff, Peter Fisk, Laurie Ramsay, and skip Stewart Brown scampered home with a 31-10 victory over Bushey.

Royston's other rink of Simon Lee, Roger Davies, Mick O'Flanagan, and skip Peter Adams, had a tighter game, but still came away with a 17-12 win.

Bassingbourn entertained Balsham and on rink four Jamie Stewart, Andy Brown, and Graham Parrish played a close game and after fifteen ends the score was 12-11.

The next two ends went Bassingbourn's way, but on the last end Balsham picked up a three and the final score was a close 16-14.

Maureen Hammond played her first game of the season as lead on rink three, with Dave Lester and Ken Clark and for the first 12 ends they were fighting to stay in touch with the score 7-9. Bassingbourn then dominated for the next five ends and finished with a 14-10 victory.

On rink two Anne Brown, Toni Infanti, and Ian Stewart did well against a strong side, and by end 14 the score was 10-10.

The last four ends were disappointing for Bassingbourn as they dropped eight shots to leave the score at 10-18.

Don Slater, Sid Manning and Bill Manley all bowled well on the final rink and to establish a 14-9 lead.

Balsham fought back, but were unable to see Bassingbourn off with the final score 15-13.

The overall score on the night was 55-55 which meant Bassingbourn took home 4.5 points as a result of the three rink wins, and maintained their unbeaten start to the season.


Cambridge and District League

Division One

Melbourn 56 (1pt) Mitchell Lodge 71 (6pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: B King, M Rogers, J Gillings 13; M Mead K Routley, M Mead 21. Rink Two: S Sell, A Chapman, R Sell 11; M Vann, J Watts, R Webb 18. Rink Three: Y Blackburn, D Bridger, K Howarad 16; Brenda, Nigel, Frank 15. Rink Four: D Clark, A Howard, G Bridger 16; Darren, Roz, Colin 17.

Melbourn 58 (6pts) Haddenham 50 (1pt)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: B King, A Chapman, G Bridger 15; J Humphrey, B Russel, P Hughes 15. Rink Two: D Bridger, M Kernaghan, J Gillings 12; W White, A Newman, V Hughes 12. Rink Three: Y Blackburn, A Howarad, M Cooper 16; E Papworth, R Amory, T Gipp13. Rink Four: S Sell, M Rogers, R Sell 15; D Papworth, R Humphrey, T Ward 10.

Division Five

Melbourn 50 (2pts) Cottenham B 61 (5pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: S Sell, F Tyrell, R Sell 16; W Bricknell, R Macdonald, R Wtson 9. Rink Two: S Neville, S Gibson, D Wooding 11; D Bricknell, L Blunt, J Wakefield 16. Rink Three: D Tyrell, M Neville, E Brown 8; P Baker, C Watson, D Careless 27. Rink Four: M Wooding, A Brown, J Gibson 15; T Baker, T Trundley, P Turner 9.

Melbourn 51 (1pt) Alex/Beehive A 66 (6pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: L Morgan, S Dumpleton, D Wooding 5; D Langley, P Cook, J Attwood 22. Rink Two: K Raymen, R Morgan, Y Blows 11; B Dogget, D McLean, R Green 13. Rink Three: S Earles, D Raymen, C Blows 16; W Mitchell, B Gurner, C Challis 17. Rink Four: M Wooding, M Neville, E Brown 19; F Clarke D Ullinger, G Green 14.

Meldreth and District League

Melbourn 101 (5.5pts) Little Shelford 45 (1.5pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: D Clark, M Roger, J Gillings 37; I Pearl, R Badcock, D Price 3. Rink Two: S Sell, M Cooper, R Sell 34; B Pearl, J Bragg, B Newson 9. Rink Three: S Gibson, A Brown, D Brider 16; J Badcock, B Trundley, G Coleman 16. Rink Four: J Smith, E Brown, G Bridger 14; M Trundley, B Coleman, G Newsam 17.

Foxton League

Melbourn 48 (2pts) Foxton 53 (3pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: M Wooding, J Smith, S Gibson 8; Foxton 30. Rink Two: S Neville, F Tyrell, J Gibson 23; Foxton14. Rink Three: D Tyrell, V Musson, D Wooding 16; Foxton 9.

Cambridge BH Pairs League (Mixed)

Melbourn 33 (4pts) Fulbourn 28 (2pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: Y Blows, C Blows 14; C Harvey, J Harvey 15. Rink Two: B King, J Dodds 19; R Payne, M Jobson 13.

Foxton Afternoon League

Meldreth 35(0pts) Histon 59 (5pts)

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: K Pryke, D Peacock, ML Chapman 14; Histon 20. Rink Two: D Chapman, R Small, M Chapman 8; Histon 24. Rink Three: R Brooksbank, H Spraggett, S Chapman 13; Histon 15.

Meldreth and District League

Sawston 71 (5pts) Meldreth 58 (2pts)

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: D Chapman, M Jeal, W Parkin 18; R Whitmore 13. Rink Two: A Hardiman, C Piper, BE Clutterbuck 18; P Sharp 10. Rink Three: E Hardman, M Holway, R Hardman 11; P Whitemore 25. Rink Four: K Jacklin, A Carter, BJ Clutterbuck 9; S Jacobs 23.