Meridian Triathlon Club to host GoTri Duathlon at scenic venue

Meridian Triathlon Club to host duathlon

Meridian Triathlon Club to host duathlon - Credit: Archant

Meridian Triathlon Club, based at the Melbourn Sports Centre, are hosting a GoTri Duathlon this Saturday (July 9) at Wimpole Hall.

The race is an introductory event for those that fancy having a go at a multi-discipline sport.

Wimpole Hall makes an inspiring backdrop and the grounds offer an ideal environment to give one of the fastest growing sports in the country a go.

A duathlon consists of a run followed by a bike ride followed by another run. In this case the distances are 2km run, 6km (off-road) ride and another 2km run.

As the bike route is off-road a mountain bike will be necessary.

Meridian Triathlon Club is excited to be offering this event, the first GoTri to be hosted in National Trust property.

The event costs £10 and is open to competitors aged 15 years or older.

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