Ladies ready for final showdown

Royston have reached the county final of the Ladies Inter Club Team Ten Competition. Meeting Berkhamsted in the semi-final, Royston were hopeful of reaching the final for a second successive year. Yvonne Whitehouse won her singles game 21-12, while in t

Royston have reached the county final of the Ladies Inter Club Team Ten Competition.

Meeting Berkhamsted in the semi-final, Royston were hopeful of reaching the final for a second successive year.

Yvonne Whitehouse won her singles game 21-12, while in the pairs Linda O'Flanagan and Shirley Pawson edged home with a 19-15 win. In the triples, Pam Keating, Eileen Sheriff and skip Evelyn Huffer coasted home by 18 shots, 29-11.

The fours had a much closer game, with Beryl Huckle, Gillian Fisk, Eileen Hyde, and skip Eunice Dockree losing by just one shot.

Overall Royston ran out convincing winners, with a 90-59 victory, to reach the county finals on Sunday, July 15.

The men's two fours were also in action, facing Townsend BC of St Albans in the National Two Fours competition.

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Royston quickly fell behind in the first half of the game and after 11 ends, Royston trailed 28-14.

Simon Lee, Roger Davies, Mick O'Flanagan, and Peter Adams did pull the game back, and were unfortunate to lose by just three shots.

On Royston's other rink, Don Sheriff, Sean Young, Matt Coppen, and Stewart Brown also had a late surge, gaining 13 shots in five ends to pull them back to within two shots of their opponents.

Unfortunately Royston's final push was just too late, and Townsend clinched the game by only eight shots, winning 43-35.

Royston also lost their matches in the North Herts Inter Club League, and in the Cairns Cup, losing to Baldock and Hitchin's Riverain BC respectively.

The vets restored some pride when they beat Buntingford Vets 106-42. Skips John Huffer and Ron Colton led their teams to spectacular scores in what was a very impressive Royston performance.

n BASSINGBOURN played host to Barrington in the Cambridge and District League Division One and once again showed their dominance, despite getting off to a bad start.

Bill Manley, Don Slater, and Sid Manning were up against a strong Barrington triple, and were fortunate to go down by only 18-9.

Anne Brown, Dave Lester, and Graham Parrish also suffered a lack consistency and lost 16-8.

Jamie Stewart continued his impressive form, leading on rink four.

Joe Cippulo and Ken Clark were also on form and secured a runaway victory. By end 10 the score was 25-0. Eventually Bassingbourn won 30-7.

On the final rink Ian Stewart, Andy Brow and Don Laing bowled well, but were left frustrated letting a commanding lead slip. After end 12 their lead was very slender and at 11-10 it was anyone's match.

Luckily for the hosts, the next four ends all went their way - which enabled a 10-shot lead to be built, and they eventually ran out 20-15 winners.

Overall Bassingbourn won the match 67-55 and earned five more points towards their championship defence.

n MELDRETH Bowls Club continued their 75th anniversary celebrations with a match against an invitation men's county team.

Under the captaincy of Bill Parkin, Meldreth put up a good fight and were 14 shots ahead halfway through the encounter.

However, by the 18th end, the visitors had turned this deficit into a six-shot advantage.

And after some entertaining and very tense final ends, the county team ran out 120-116 winners.


Meldreth & District League

Steeple Morden 66 (5pts) Great Shelford 61 (2pts)

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: B Mack, M Meade, M Fortune 12; D Murkin 20. Rink Two: M Skinner, D Sheehan, J Clarke 13; M Johnson 16. Rink Three: T Mack, P Bigley, G Meade 19; J Betts 15. Rink Four: M Revels, S Baulks, K Eversden 22; B Murkin 10.

Steeple Morden Triple - Quarter Finals

Ely Beet 15 Steeple Morden 14

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: P Bigley, B Jeeves, S Clarke 14; Ely Beet 14. Extra End: Steeple Morden 0, Ely Beet 1.

Cambridge & District League Division One

Melbourn 71 (7pts) Gt Shelford A 43 (0pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: Y Blows, A Howard, M Cooper 20; W Seekings, C Churchman, J Betts 11. Rink Two: B King, C Blows, G Bridger 20; B Mabbutt, C Murkin, R MacDonald 6. Rink Three: S Sell, M Rogers, R Sell 17; G Whalley, M Seekings, B Brown 16. Rink Four: D Clarke, D Bridger, J Gillings 14; G Baker, B Murkin, M Johnson 10.

Melbourn 67 (3.5pts) Haddenham 67 (3.5pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: Y Blows, K Howard, M Cooper 22; L Fenner, J Honey, P Hughes 20. Rink Two: D Clark, J Dodds, M Rogers 10; D Papworth, J Saban, T Saban 23; Rink Three: B King, C Blows, A Howard 10; J Humphrey, K Marshall, V Hughes 11. Rink Four: S Sell, M Davey, R Sell 25; E Pargoll, R Humphrey, T Ward 13.

Cambridge BH Pairs League (Mixed)

Melbourn 25 (0pts) Foxton 33 (6pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: Y Blows, C Blows 13; J Chamberlain, Joe Cox 17. Rink Two: J Dodds, P Dodds 12; Jack Cox, N Lee 16.

Melbourn 26 (0pts) University Press 37 (6pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: Y Blows, E Brown 9; V Finn, G Finn 17. Rink Two: A Brown, C Blows 17; P Stocker, B Mayes 20.

Foxton League

Melbourn 44 (2pts) Coton 51 (3pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: V Musson, S Gibson, A Brown 15; Alan, John Bill 13. Rink Two: M Wooding, D Raymen, J Gibson 10; Ted, Y Wisbey, C Wisbey 22. Rink Three: S Earls, J Smith, D Wooding 19; Coton 16.

Meldreth 75th Anniversary Match

Meldreth 116

Men's County President's Team 120

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: K Jacklin, D Parker, M Chapman, K Stanford 25; P Bigley, M Davey, A Harvey, D Beckett 11. Rink Two: A Carter, M Holway, G Gunton, ML Chapman 25; A Carlton, G Cowie, W Reed, J Firby 18. Rink Three: R Small, P Rice, D Sheldrick, A Genockey 23; G Coleman, N Short, P Dodds, B Green 232. Rink Four: D Chapman, K Singleton, W Parkin, J Stubbings 19; J Carlton, D Barker, J Christmas, A Barker 18. Rink Five: A Mead, B Brooks, D Indaco, BJ Clutterbuck 8; B Layton, P Czarnobaj, R Peyton, R Peacock 28. Rink Six: M Singleton, S Chapman, BE Clutterbuck, K Lee 16; F Marlin, J Ferguson, S Topham, D Northrop 22.

Foxton Afternoon League

Meldreth 61 (4pts) Sawston 32 (1pt)

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: A Mead, D Brunsdon, S Chapman 17; Sawston 13. Rink Two: D Barclay, K Pryke, G Gunton 34; Sawston 2. Rink Three: G Burns, R Brooksbank, H Spragett 10; Sawston 17.

Duxford 49 (2pts) Meldreth 49 (3pts)

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: D Barclay, R Small, S Chapman 17; Duxford 12. Rink Two: A Mead, D Peacock, H Spragget 22; Duxford 19. Rink Three: R Brooksbank, M Jeal, G Gunton 10; Duxford 18.

Barton 50 (2pts) Meldreth 51 (3pts)

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: K Pryke, M Chapman, G Gunton 13; H Greenfield 23. Rink Two: A Mead, H Spragget, ML Chapman 22; C Ennis 10. Rink Three: D Chapman, M Singleton, S Chapman 16; P Reid 17.

Meldreth 49 (4pts) Little Shelford 27 (1pt)

(Meldreth names first) Rink One: R Brooksbank, D Brunsdon, H Spragget 14; Little Shelford 8. Rink Two: K Pryke, R Small, S Chapman 25; Little Shelford 7. Rink Three: A Mead, M Chapman, G Gunton 10; Little Shelford 12.