Ladies power on in Top Ten

ROYSTON Bowls Club powered their way into the fifth round of the Ladies Club Top competition with a 26-shot win against Rosedale BC last week. In the singles Yvonne Whitehouse won 21–10, while the pairs team of Linda O Flanagan and Shirley Pawson won 27–2

ROYSTON Bowls Club powered their way into the fifth round of the Ladies Club Top competition with a 26-shot win against Rosedale BC last week.

In the singles Yvonne Whitehouse won 21-10, while the pairs team of Linda O'Flanagan and Shirley Pawson won 27-21.

In the triples, Eileen Sheriff, Pam Keating and skip Evelyn Huffer, won 22-10, and although fours team of Beryl Huckle, Gillian Fisk, Eileen Hyde, and skip Eunice Dockree lost by three shots, the home side emerged comfortable winners.

Last Saturday there was a special invitation game to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ladies section in the Royston Bowling Club.

Bowlers from eight invited clubs took part: Baldock, Norton, Buntingford, Hitchin, Whitethorn, Whithern, St. Neots, and Hertford Castle Garden.

The six-rink green was converted into seven rinks for the occasion to accommodate the 56 bowlers participating.

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Last Wednesday, Royston ladies played away in the North Herts League to Stevenage Town BC, and recorded comfortable wins on both rinks.

Peter Adams, playing away in the County Singles, had a good win over his opponent P Rees of Potten End to reach the quarter-finals.

Royston continue to do well in the Meldreth & District League. So far they have played eight games winning five, drawn one, and lost two. They have gained 39.5 points out of a total of 56.

- Bassingbourn kept up their title push in the Cambridge & District League with a 64-52 victory at Swaffam Bulbeck.

The rink one team of Anne Brown, Joe Cipullo and Ian Stewart allowed a four shot lead to evaporate as they went down 16-14, and there was also disappointment for the rink two team of and Don Slater, Toni Infanti and Bill Manley who led 9-2 after eight ends, only to lose 13-12.

Total domination prevailed on rink three as Don Laing and Andy Brown built up good heads which Graham Parrish protected or added to.

After 14 ends Bassingbourn led 20-1. A minor recovery was made by Mitchell on the last few ends by this was too little, much too late.

The final score was 21-5 and this dominance proved to be decisive in the overall result.

The other outside rink also proved difficult to bowl on with some jack positions having many runs. This was a game that swung one way then the other. After three ends the hosts were five shots up, but Ken Cleaver, Sid Manning and Ken Clark fought back to only lose 18-17.

Bassingbourn remain at the top of the Division One with a four point lead and next week's game against second placed Sawston could be key to the destination of the title.

n Melbourn Bowls Club members and friends enjoyed a successful weekend on their annual trip to Warner's - this year it was a return visit to Gunton Hall.

Apart from enjoying the facilities available, they were able to renew old aquaintances at three of the local clubs.

The weather held fair and hot during the day, the rain obligingly falling only at night.

There were three competitive games with varying outcomes.

The results were as follows: Melbourn 94 Sparrows Nest 118. Melbourn 102 Oulton Broad 97. Melbourn 107 Lowestoft Railway 116


Steeple Morden 67 Norton 58

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: J Worboys, I Cherasse, R Worboys 16 K Longcroft, A Brundell, D Pettengell 20. Rink two: M McKee, S West, D McKee 18. C Jellis, R Dean, P Byram 11. Rink three: J Hudson, P Harper, D Lloyd 12. I Pettengell, R Perry, F Neal 11. Rink four: C Austin, G Wilmott, A Thompson 21. J Byram, M Redford, R Butler 16.

Steeple Morden 65 Baldock 53

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: J Hudson, D Hart, I Cherasse 11. J Gluckstein, M Reid, J Baker 18. Rink two: S West, J Worboys, A Thompson 20. D Blowey, P Page, D Roberts 11. Rink three: C Austin, R Prentice, D Lloyd 14. M Varney, A Ward, P Higho 12. Rink Four: G Wilmott, S Greenbank, R Worboys 8. G Page, J Tam, J Murigo 24.

Cambridge & District League Div 1

Melbourn 60 (2 pts) Gt Shelford A 71 (5 pts)

Rink one: P Barrett, M Cooper, P Dodds 14; B Noble, L Churchman, J Betts 23. Rink two: Bob King, J Dodds, J Gillings 20; D Murkin, R Parkinson, R MacDonald 15. Rink two: S Sell, M Davey, R Sell 19; B Churchman, G Whalley, B Murkin 11. Rink four: E Goddard, A Howard, M Rogers 7; B Bewley, G Baker, B Brown 22.

BH Pairs League(Mixed)

Melbourn 22 (0 pts)Abington 46 (6 pts)

Rink one: Y Blows, C Blows 9; P Borley, R Mallows 23. Rink two: J Dodds, P Dodds 13; S Haylock, E Davies 23.

Melbourn 69 Milton O B C 49

Rink One: S Sell, M Rogers, R Sell 22; P Waters, P Looden, B Waters 15. Rink two: J Dodds, R Dodds, P Dodds 14; T Hodge, C Aller, L Webber 15. Rink three: D Bridger, A Howard, J Gillings 12; Joy King, G Sheen, J King 14. Rink four: M Davey, M Kernaghan, G Bridger 21; L Sheers, T Easy, J Daniels 5.

Cambridge & District Div 1

Melbourn 65 (6 points) Barrington 48 (1 point)

Rink one: Bob King, M Rogers, J Gillings 13, B Nash, R Watson, R Batchellor 12. Rink two: Bet King, M Cooper, G Bridger 23,

Foxton League

Melbourn 57 (3 pts) Little Shelford 53 (2 pts)

Rink one: J Baldwin, M Baldwin, D Clark 14; J Dean, J McClean, B Newsam 22. Rink two: L Morgan, R Morgan, M King 21; B Jackson, J Shearing, I Pearl 22. Rink three: S Neville, J Smith, D Wooding 22; B Croxall J Mualo, D Croxall 9

Steeple Morden 78 (6pts) Cotton BC (1pt)

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: K Austin, J Adams, B Jeeves 30; G Mitchel, G Brock, S Kinsey 6. Rink Two: M Revels, S Baulk, G Meade 12; E Sparkes, K Sparkes, B Free 21. Rink Three: M Meade, M Stanford, K Eversden 15; J Sparkes, S Buckle, G Free 14. Rink Four: T Mack, J Clarke, R Smith 21; A Darling, J White, B Lloyd 7.

Steeple Morden 49 Letchworth BC 80

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: M McKee, M Revels, D McKee 16; R Briggs, D Woodhead, D Gravestock 14. Rink Two: J Worboys, T Mack, K Eversdon 14; J Roujay, S Lamacraft, B Mitchell 15. Rink Three: D Hart, L Smith, H Jarman 9; M Askes, H Bird, D Philips 23. Rink Four: B Mack, R Worboys, R Smith 10. clay, D Downley, A Hills 28.