Kung Fu fighters make the grade

Liam Marshall makes the grade to blue beltwith a roundhouse kick

Liam Marshall makes the grade to blue beltwith a roundhouse kick - Credit: Archant

MARTIAL arts students from Royston-based GMax Academy took part in a Shaolin Kung Fu grading at Greneway School.

Junior students demonstrate a side leg raise

Junior students demonstrate a side leg raise - Credit: Archant

All participants were examined on techniques and routines from the Chin Woo Wushu system, a worldwide association for Chinese martial arts.

The 19 junior students aged from seven to 10-years-old performed increasingly complex kung fu routines, self defence techniques, jumping kicks, as well as performing boxing and kicking combinations to pads.

The club saw eight of the juniors awarded their blue belts, meaning they will now be learning traditional Chinese weapon forms, including the broadsword.

A delighted Glen Stanway, founder and chief instructor of GMax, said: “The confidence and level of skill shown by the children is tremendous.

“I am really looking forward to the further progress of the younger members, and can’t wait to start teaching the new seniors the more acrobatic and technically difficult techniques.”

The adult members of the club also took part in the grading, with a very self-assured display of complex wushu routines, self defence and jumping techniques.

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Friends, mums and dads all attended to support those students taking part.

Stanway, a former IMAF World Champion and Combat Magazine International and European champion, said: “GMax students keep going from strength to strength.

“We already have a team of kickboxers, who have won medals at national and European level in 2012.

“We now have a team of kung fu performers who I think can emulate that success in 2013.”

GMax teaches Kung Fu and Kickboxing classes in Royston, for children and adults.

For further details, visit the website www.gmax.me.uk or call Glen on 07563 755 199.