Karate tournament proves a success

THE Kamaete Schools of Traditional Shotokan Karate (KSTSK) held their sixth annual tournament at Wodson Park Sports Centre, Ware recently.

Members representing clubs from around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire put on a marvelous display of karate and spirit in Kumite (sparring) and Kata (formal sequence).

Friends and families showed their support as they cheered on everyone throughout the day. Events covered all ages, from age 6-7 Kata, through teenage categories to Black Belt Kata and Kumite. The popular Family Team (synchronised) Kata event, proved a huge success again with many teams coming forward.

The high standard and support across all events was noted by chief instructors (Sensei) Rakesh Patel and Peter Khera. Having recently launched their unique KSTSK syllabus in a DVD box set, it was clear that students had put in the extra effort and practiced outside of the regular classes.

Sensei Peter Khera, who teaches at Royston Leisure Centre, commented: “There was a particularly high standard of competition karate this year, especially the juniors, their Karate discipline and etiquette was excellent.”

The medal and trophy winners from Royston were Greg Hills, Arjun Khera, Kareina Khera, Sam Sherwin and Lisa Lewis (first place).

Greg Hills, Richard Lione and Andrew Fay (second place).

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Richard Lione, Arjun Khera, Sam Sherwin and Joshua Lewis (third place).

KSTSK are running beginners’ classes (with a free trial session) on Sundays from 10.30am at Royston Leisure Centre. Please contact 07866 374674 or visit www.kstsk.co.uk for details.