Judo club saved from oblivion

Husband and wife step in at 11th hour to save JM Judo Club

JOHN MASSMANN Judo Club has been saved at the 11th hour after initial fears that it would go out of existence.

After 26 years of coaching their sport of Judo, John and June Massmann have both retired from the Chief Instructors role at JM Judo Club meaning the club, which has brought through five national title winners and even a Commonwealth bronze medal winner, could have been forced to close down due to flagging membership numbers.

However, husband and wife Danny (fourth Dan) and Samantha Anderson (first Kyu) will now take over the instruction and coaching at the club, thus allowing the club to continue running.

Danny has been a major figure in Judo, recently finishing in fifth position at the World Masters competition, so his abilities are unquestionable.

John and June Massmann will continue to attend and help the restructuring of the club, and aid the introduction of new junior and senior members alike.