It’s a breeze as duo race into county semi-finals

Royston pair Matt Coppen and Peter Adams are in the semi-finals of the County Pairs, beating a duo from Holwell. Coppen and Adams saw off Holwell s Warren and Thurstance in style and scored freely throughout to secure a 20-8 victory. The win was a boost

Royston pair Matt Coppen and Peter Adams are in the semi-finals of the County Pairs, beating a duo from Holwell.

Coppen and Adams saw off Holwell's Warren and Thurstance in style and scored freely throughout to secure a 20-8 victory.

The win was a boost for Coppen, who went out of the County Singles quarter final, losing 21-19 to Oak Hill's Bowler.

The ladies team lost the Inter Club Team Ten 87-48 to Baldock, after reaching the final for the second year in succession.

In the singles Royston's Yvonne Whitehouse lost to Shirley Page 21-8, while in the pairs, Shirley Pawson and Linda O'Flanagan lost 24-13.

Evelyn Huffer, Pam Keating, and Eileen Sheriff lost by three shots in the triples, going down 18-15.

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It was more misery in the fours for Royston as Eunice Dockree, Eileen Hyde, Gillian Fisk, and Beryl Huckle lost 24-12.

The talented Coppen was featured on Anglia TV, highlighting the 16-year-old's rise in the sport.

Last month he was crowned the British Isles Junior Singles champion beating Guernsey's Matt Le Bler 21-9 in the final.

Brian Pepper of Royston Bowls Club said: "It was a very successful day, not only for Matt, but also for Royston Bowls Club."

- After a nail-biting encounter at the start of the season, Great Shelford travelled to Bassingbourn for another tight game.

Bassingbourn's Ken Clark, Joe Cippulo, and Maureen Hammond started the night in miserable fashion, and up against a strong Shelford triple, could win on only two ends. Great Shelford eventually won 22-3.

Graham Parrish, Andy Brown, and Jamie Stewart had a great tussle on rink three, where there was never more than three shots between them. In a close game Bassingbourn lost 14-13.

Dave Lester, Ian Stewart and Anne Brown struggled on their first five ends, and for a while it looked like it could be another Bassingbourn defeat. However, after picking up a single on the sixth end Bassingbourn lengthened the jack, and dropped only one further end, winning 23-7.

Bill Manley, Don Slater and Sid Manning were back on form on rink three, and in another convincing performance Bassingbourn won 23-8. The last three ends were all- important, as Bassingbourn gained nine shots which helped determine the overall result, 60-51.


Meldreth & District League

Steeple Morden 107 (7pts)

Queen Edith BC 28 (0pts)

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: M Skinner, M Meade, J Clarke 19; R Himark 11. Rink Two: Ba Archer, Br Archer, G Meade 31; H Owen 4. Rink Three: M Revels, S Baulk, K Eversden 27; B Cooper 7. Rink Four: K Austin, T Mack, M Fortune 30; J Crook 6.

Mid Week Friendly

Shephalbury BC 71 Steeple Morden 58

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: D Moss, J Worboys, M Best 19; G Lamacraft 15. Rink Two: J Hudson, I Cherasse, D Lloyd 18; J Roffey 11. Rink Three: D Best, S Greenbank, R Worboys 8; C Cooper 17. Rink Four: G Willmott, M McKee, A Thompson 13; C Ward 18.

Cambridge & District League Division One

Melbourn 48 (1pt) Chesterton 60 (6pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: Y Blows, K Howard, M Rogers 12; S Parfey, P Whitby, R Pearce 18. Rink Two: D Clark, J Dodds, G Bridger 9; E McDaid, J Morgan, C Locking 14. Rink Three: S Sell, A Chapman, R Sell 12; F Head, B Hobbs, P Pammenter 16. Rink Four: B King, C Blows, A Howard 15; M Christmas, P Wynn, J Locking 12.

Division Five

Melbourn 77 (6pts) Gt Shelford 73 (1pt)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: J Howell, J Smith, P Ferris 13; N Prescott, R Collen, I Wilkinson 21. Rink Two: D Tyrell, S Gibson, A Brown 18; L Prescott, P Amis, J Allsop 17. Rink Three: B Harlow, D Clark, J Gibson 23; J Amis, J Webb, P Pointer 15. Rink Four: E Cooke, F Tyrell, E Brown 23; C Wilkinson, M Kelly, E Ashworth 20.

Melbourn 50 (1pt)

Alexander/Beehive A 56 (5.5pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: D Tyrell, A Brown, D Wooding 15; D McLean, P Cook, A Alverson 15. Rink Two: J Rolph, F Tyrell, K Howard 9; W Mitchell, F Clarke, C Kirkland 12. Rink Three: L Morgan, S Dumpleton, P Ferris 8; P Langley, G Green, R Green 18. Rink Four: E Cooke, R Morgan, E Brown 18; D Fromant, C Challis, J Cullum 11.

Meldreth & District League

Melbourn 69 (5pts) Steeple Morden 64 (2pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: A Brown, A Howard, P Dodds 23; B Archer, J Clarke, 12. Rink Two: E Cooke, Y Blows, G Bridger 14; M Revels, S Baulk, K Eversdew 20. Rink Three: S Sell, M Davey, R Sell 12; K Austin, B Archer, G Meade 20. Rink Four: D Clark, E Brown, D Bridger 20; M Meade, M Stanford, B Jeeves 12.

Foxton League

Melbourn 51 (4pts) Duxford 48 (1pt)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: J Baldwin, J Smith, M Baldwin 18; Yvonne, Mavis, Richard 17. Rink Two: K Raymen, D Raymen, D Wooding 16; Terry, George, Gerry 18. Rink Three: M Wooding, M Neville, J Dodds 17; Pearl, Joyce, Peter 13.

Cambridge BH Pairs League (Mixed)

Melbourn 26 (0pts) Trumpington 38 (6pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: Y Blows, E Brown 11; C Dean, B Dean 14. Rink Two: A Brown, C Blows 15; P Dean, T Saunders 24.