In-form Bassingbourn power on

Chesterton A v Bassingbourn BASSINGBOURN stretched their unbeaten run to five matches with a close 62-59 win. Don Slater, Roy Chaplain and Bill Manley played well, but went down 22-14. Don Laing had a difficult time at lead against a good opponent on ri

Chesterton A v Bassingbourn

BASSINGBOURN stretched their unbeaten run to five matches with a close 62-59 win.

Don Slater, Roy Chaplain and Bill Manley played well, but went down 22-14.

Don Laing had a difficult time at lead against a good opponent on rink 5 and Graham Parrish and Dave Lester had to bowl well to keep up with Chesterton. Bassingbourn went into the last end one up, but Chesterton just sneaked the shot to draw 13-13.

Ken Clark supported by Andy Brown and Jamie Stewart also played catch up and went down 18-14.

Anne Brown, Toni Infanti and Ian Stewart led 12-1, and deservedly got home 22-7.

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Royston met Coton in a Meldreth & District League game, needing a win to boost their confidence, and got home 69-53.

Royston's Brian Pepper, Mike Randall, Charles Gifford and skip Rodney Dean lost 23-13 at Stevenage Town in the County Fours.

Royston's Eddie Collins, Will Martin, Peter Graves, and skip Colin Wilson suffered a County Fours setback at Whitehorn (Letchworth).

There was an easy win for Simon Lee, Laurie Ramsay, Mick O'Flanagan and skip Whitehorn 35-17.

Royston Ladies Inter Club Team Ten team had a comfortable win at Ware, successful in the fours, pairs, and singles, and losing by only six shots in the triples.

Don Sheriff and Peter Adams were involved in the EBA National Over 55s competition. Their opponents from Hertford Castle gave them a close game early on but Sheriff and Adams crept away in the middle stage and held on to win 22-14.

In the County Triples Royston's Brian Pepper, George Lewis and Rodney Dean were away at Holwell in the first round. They led all the way until a dramatic last end which nearly cost them the game, but got home by five shots.

Royston's County Pairs duo Matt Coppen and Peter Adams romped home by 15 shots against another Royston pair, Laurie Ramsay and Stewart Brown.

Another Royston pair, Will Martin and Peter Graves, suffered a frustrating defeat when they lost by only one shot against a pair from Riverain (Hitchin).

Royston Vets played Steeple Morden in a four-rink triples match, winning 69-61.

Royston Ladies County fours team were on top form when they outplayed Rye Park (Hoddesdon) 37-9.

In the Meldreth and District League, Royston won a thriller 65-63 at Sawston.

And the club's Peter Graves, up against Steve Kilford from the Stevenage Roebuck Club, who is the current county singles champion, eased home 21-9.

In the first round of the men's Inter Club Team Ten Royston met Rosehill from Hoddesdon. In the Singles, Simon Lee lost 21-12 to Dave Pennell.

In the Pairs it Matt Coppen and Peter Adams coasted home 30-8.

Don Sheriff, Mel Flack, and Stewart Brown doubled their opponents score by winning 26 shots to 13.

The fours game was a battle, and after more than three hours, only two shots separated them on the 19th end. Rosehill's skip Colin Rogers could convert only one shot, which gave the Royston team a superb two-shot win.

In the National Mixed Pairs at Hertford Castle, Royston's Eileen Hyde and Stewart Brown were up against Richard and Jackie Adams. With Royston holding shot and game, the opposing skip had a rub on a wide bowl, which came in to deny Royston a win, 20-18.

On Saturday Royston's National Singles Champion Matt Coppen will be undergoing trials at Blaby in Northamptonshire for a place in the national team.

Meldreth League

Melbourn 56 (1pt) Barrington 69 (6pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: D Clark, K Howard, G Bridger 16; E Goodacre, C Wicks, J Mann 13. Rink Two: M Davey, J Dodds, D Bridger 15; T Fuller, C North M North 22. Rink Three: A Brown, C Blows, P Dodds 13; B Chapman, R Batchelor, M Chapman. Rink Four: E Cooke, Y Blows, E Brown 12; M Sewell, R Watson, B Sewell 14.

Foxton League

Melbourn 32 (1pt) Histon 68 (4pts)

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: J Baldwin, Y Blows, M Baldwin 15; Jenny, Eric, Peter 9. Rink Two: M Wooding, M Neville, C Blows 11; Margaret, Keith, Tony 31. Rink Three: S Neville, V Musson, D Wooding 6; Joan, Arthur, Keith 28.

Melbourn 74 Castle Camps 79

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: B King, F Tyrell, R Morgan 15; Wilson, Cod, Oatham 17. Rink Two: M Wooding, L Morgan, J Gibson 8; D Hickford, J Disley, B Hickford 29. Rink Three: Dot Tyrell, E Brown 30; S Knight, R Wells 20. Rink Four: A Brown, D Wooding 21; R Woodley, S Gibson 13.

Melbourn 108 Norton 64

(Melbourn names first) Rink One: M Wooding, J Rolph, E Brown 22; J Billows, D Maryon, P Billson 15. Rink Two: L Morgan, V Musson, R Morgan 15, C Ward, C Blows, F Neal 11. Rink Three: J Baldwin, D Clark, M Baldwin 19; C Jelus, I Pottingale, B Kitchener 17. Rink Four: S Sell, B Harlow, R Sell 29; M Redford, A Kitchener, R Bowyon 9. Rink Five: S Earles, A Brown, D Wooding 23; T Billows, F Rowell, L Barnett 12.

Peter Harrup Charity Trophy

Melbourn 95 Meldreth 118

Last year this annual charity match ended in a tie. But this time Melbourn lost on four rinks, drew one, and won one.

Geoff Bridger was the only winner for Melbourn, while Brian Clutterbuck had the top rink for Meldreth.

The real winner was the charity Headway, helps people with head injuries, and will receive a cheque for £145.

This is also the chosen charity by Barbara Clutterbuck as Cambridgeshire County Women's Bowling Association President.

Cambridgeshire County League

Division Two

Meldreth 84 (6pts) Duxford 75 (1pt)

Rink One: M Chapman 22, A Smoothey 17. Rink Two: K Lee 25, S Hume 20. Rink Three: J Stubbings 18, B Beavis 15. Rink Four: D Sheldrick 19, T Dockerill 23.

Sawston 80 (5pts) University Press 60 (2pts)

Rink One: P Sharp 17, B Mayes 12. Rink Two: S Jacobs 15, R Thomson 19. Rink Three: G Brown 35, D Thomson 6. Rink Four: P Whitmore 13, G Emery 23.

Great Shelford 63 (1pt) Steeple Morden 73 (6pts)

Rink One: G Baker 16, S Clarke 22. Rink Two J Betts 18, K Eversden 11. Rink Three: M Johnson 16, T Barker 21. Rink Four: R MacDonald 13, G Busby 19.

University Press 88 (6pts) Gt Shelford 62 (1pt)

Rink One: G Emery 31, R Hulyer 15. Rink Two: R Thomson 26, M Johnson 11. Rink Three: B Mayes 18, J Betts 16. Rink Four: D Tomson 13, R MacDonald 20.

Steeple Morden 80 (3.5pts) Duxford 80 (3.5pts)

Rink One: S Clarke 23, M Bogey 15. Rink Two: G Meade 25, B Beavis 13. Rink Three: I Symington 19, G Goodwin 26. Rink Four: G Busby 13, T Dockerill 26.

Sawston 94 (6pts) Meldreth 58 (1pt)

Rink One: S Jacobs 18, K Stanford 19. Rink Two: P Stock 25, A Genockey 7. Rink Three: P Whitmore 25, M Chapman 19. Rink Four: G Brown 25, J Stubbings 13.

Royston 67 Steeple Morden 61

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: J Clarke, F Thorp, D Sheehan 11; J While 18. Rink Two: J Hudson, R Prentice, M Fortune 17; E Hyde 19. Rink Three: S Greenbank, J Worboys, A Thompson 16; S Pawson 16. Rink Four: G Willmott, I Cherasse, R Worboys 15; S Baker 16.

Steeple Morden 98 Little Shelford 50

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: K Austin, M Stanford, M Meade 18; G Newsam 20. Rink Two: M Skinner, M McKee, D Sheehan 31; I Pearl 10. Rink Three: P Bigley, J Clarke, K Eversden 24; B Newsam 8. Rink Four: F Thorp, S Baulk, G Meade 25; C Causton 12.