Holders Royston on their way in triples trophy with narrow win

ROYSTON began their defence of the McMullan Trophy with a narrow victory over Aston BC. The match was a three rinks of triples encounter, and Royston emerged victorious on two of them. Peter Adams rink won 24-12, while Stuart Brown s eased home 21-12.

ROYSTON began their defence of the McMullan Trophy with a narrow victory over Aston BC.

The match was a three rinks of triples encounter, and Royston emerged victorious on two of them.

Peter Adams' rink won 24-12, while Stuart Brown's eased home 21-12.

The rink skipped by Mick O'Flanagan led throughout, only to be pegged back in the closing stages, allowing Aston to win by one shot, 21-22.

A Royston four of Len Payne, Laurie Ramsay, Mick O'Flanagan, and Peter Adams played against Roebuck, and secured a 26-24 victory in the final end.

Bob Porter and Stan Whitehouse also triumphed in the pairs, 24-16.

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However, they did not fare so well in the Meldreth & District League match against Welding Institute BC.

Although the teams were fairly evenly matched, Welding won by two shots, 65 (four points) - 63 (three points).

In the County Pairs Matt Coppen and Peter Adams were in action against two bowlers from Baldock BC. The Royston pair overpowered their opponents and won comfortably 21-8.

Royston ladies travelled to Bishop's Stortford in the Ladies Top Club Ten competition, winning by 37 shots.

Yvonne Whitehouse got the ball rolling with a comfortable win in the singles, 21-5.

Linda O'Flanagan and Shirley Pawson were involved in a close match in the pairs, eventually winning 30-25, largely thanks to an impressive eight-shot win on one end. The triples strolled to a 27-9 win, and although the fours lost by two shots, Royston got home 95-58.

There was also success for Royston Ladies against Letchworth Conservatives in the North Herts League, where they won 42-29.

But in the North Herts Challenge Shield they were defeated by Riverain in the singles, pairs, and triples.

There was also disappointment for Royston Vets at Baldock, with the home side triumphing 68-58.

n BASSINGBOURN entertained newly-promoted Haddenham and claimed another win to extend their lead at the top of the Cambridge and District League Division 1.

On rink five Don Laing, Andy Brown, and Graham Parrish, built a lead of 10-7 after 10 ends, before their game somewhat collapsed.

The hosts won only one further end, and with Haddenham dominating on the shorter jacks they cast and won the rink 11-23.

Jamie Stewart, Dave Lester and Ken Clark teamed up on rink four and never looked in trouble. They did however, drop a seven on end 16 to take the score to 19-13.

This made for a tense couple of last ends, but Bassingbourn triumphed 19-15.

Anne Brown, Toni Infanti, and Ian Stewart dominated their triples match with a convincing winning score of 20-7 to continue their impressive form.

Don Slater, Sid Manning, and Bill Manley also bowled well on the final rink and they only lost four ends all night. Haddenham did well to keep the score down to 16-5 but the end result was inevitable.

The overall score on the night was 76-50 to Bassingbourn, who continued their unbeaten run and extended their lead at the top of the table.

Elsewhere, the Bassingbourn youngsters played Eternit, with four debutants.

In a great afternoon of bowls both teams produced a high standard, with Bassingbourn taking a win on one rink.


County League

Steeple Morden 61 Sawston 77

(Steeple Morden names first) Rink One: G Meade, B Stimson, K Jarman, B Jeeves 18; Sawston 20. Rink Two: M Skinner, H Jarman, K Eversdon, S Clarke 17; Sawston 17. Rink Three: M Meade, K Jones, I Symington, T Barker 15; Sawston 18. Rink Four: P Bigley, D McKee, R Smith, G Busby 11; Sawston 22.

Cambridge and District League

Division One

Melbourn 42 (0.5pts)

Chesterton A 85 (6.5pts)

Melbourn names first: Rink One: A Brown, M Cooper, M Rogers 13 P Brotherton, S Hall, K Chapman; Rink Two: Bob King, E Brown, J Dodds 9; M Christmas, J Morgan, R Brotherton 25. Rink Three: J Baldwin, M Davey, P Dodds 6 J Douglas, C Douglas, S Ritchee 29. Rink Four: S Sell, M Baldwin, R Sell 14; G Chapman, J Glasby, C Fraser 14.

Melbourn 57 (3pts) Sawston 59 (4pts)

Melbourn names first: Rink One: D Clark, A Howard, M Cooper 17; B Croft, J Speed, R Jacobs 11. Rink Two: B King, C Blows, J Gillings 18; M Dockerill, B Reed, B Joy 15. Rink Three: Y Blows, J Dodds, P Dodds 8; R Borroughs, M Binge, P Whitmore 24. Rink four: S Sell, M Rogers, R Sell 14; R Flack, D Whitmore, G Brown 9.

Meldreth and District League

Melbourn 77 (6pts) Comberton 52 (1pt)

Melbourn names first: Rink One: D Clark, Y Blows, E Brown 26; P Sexton, P Few, R Fletcher 4. Rink Two: B Harlow, M Cooper, J Gillings 13; D Cole, J Cole, R Griggs 17.

Rink Three: E Cooke, J Gibson, K Howard 19; L Sexton, K Barker, R Hankin 18. Rink Four: S Sell, C Blows, R Sell 19; L Teague, D Griggs, G Barker 13.

Foxton League

Melbourn 36 (0pts)

Great Shelford 59 (5pts)

Melbourn names first: Rink One: J Baldwin, M Wooding, M Baldwin 9; Christine, Les, Barry 17. Rink Two: S Neville, V Musson, J Rolph 12; Alec, Peter, Roger 26. Rink Three: K Raymen, S Earles, D Wooding 15; Ron, Eileen, Iaian 16.

Melbourn 30 (1pt) Barton 59 (4pts)

Melbourn names first: Rink One: S Sell, E Brown, R Sell 16; D Long, M Hook, C Ennis 13. Rink Two: L Morgan, S Dumpleton, A Brown 3; R Ennis, F Hopkins, H Greenfield 30. Rink Three: J Baldwin, J Smith, M Baldwin 11; J Cater, S Broad, M Greenfield 16.

Friendly Matches

Melbourn 66 Willian 64

Melbourn names first: Rink One: L Morgan, M Wooding, D Wooding 10; I Fisher, P Martin, B Martin 18. Rink Two: E Cooke, B Harlow, E Brown, 23; P Maddox, O Hanna, S Jasper 14. Rink Three: S Sell, R Morgan, R Sell 18; H Liddle, M Mackey, G Liddle 19. Rink Four: J Baldwin, A Brown, M Baldwin 15; B Collins, J Avis, G Avis 13.

Melbourn 73 Gamlingay 73

Melbourn names first: Rink One: M Wooding, M Davey, E Brown 16; S Anstis, B Titmus, R Jakes 16. Rink Two: B Harlow, D Raymen, D Wooding 18; M Robins, B Gordon, C Wuestner 17. Rink Three: L Morgan, J Smith, R Morgan 24; P Jakes, K Tokens, R Dennis 17. Rink Four: K Raymen, J Rolph, A Brown 15; H Hartop, E Rambled, C Beaton 23.