Futsal Fives League coming to Royston

Teams wanted for exciting new league at Royston Leisure Centre


IT is the game that developed the skills of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lional Messi and Cesc Fabregas – and now you can play it too as a new Hertfordshire FA Futsal Fives league is set to start in Royston.

The league, for players aged 16 and over, will kick off at Royston Leisure Centre, Woodcock Road, on September 23 and continues every Sunday between 4-7pm.

Match fees are �30 for 40-minute matches and include hire of the pitch and the cost of a qualified futsal referee. Futsal is played by teams of five with rolling substitutions. Size 4 balls with limited bounce are used.

Unlike five-a-side, players are allowed inside the penalty areas and goalkeepers are allowed to leave their areas. Hockey goals, measuring three metres by two metres are used. When the ball goes out, it is returned to play using a kick-in.

Adam Jones, leagues officer for Hertfordshire FA, said: “Futsal is an incredible game – it’s the only format of small-sided football that is recognised and supported by FIFA and UEFA.

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“Compared to five-a-side, the game’s emphasis is on skilful, creative play which develops a player’s technique, movement, tactical awareness and fitness.

“Hertfordshire FA already runs a very successful Futsal Fives league in Hemel Hemptead and I’m sure we can replicate that success in Royston.

“Already a number of teams have signed up, but there’s still time for several more to join before the league begins.”