Comfortable North Herts League victory for Royston

ROYSTON had a convincing win in the NHIL last Monday against Howard Garden (Letchworth). The game of two rinks of men produced a win on both for Royston. Rink two, skipped by Don Sheriff, had a very narrow win by one shot, but rink one, skipped by Derek G

ROYSTON had a convincing win in the NHIL last Monday against Howard Garden (Letchworth).

The game of two rinks of men produced a win on both for Royston. Rink two, skipped by Don Sheriff, had a very narrow win by one shot, but rink one, skipped by Derek Goodwin, romped home with a 34-11 margin to seal the match 57-33.

The same evening also saw Peter Adams take on B Tod from Baldock in a Letchworth & District Singles match, and he won 21-16.

On June 20, Royston played Foxton in another round of the Meldreth & District League.

Foxton put out a strong team, which put Royston under pressure right from the start. After their successes in this league over recent weeks, Royston were brought down to earth as Foxton pushed ahead for a convincing 88-53 win to take six of the seven points.

A round of the Letchworth & District Triples was played last Wednesday. The trio of Brian Pepper, George Lewis, and Rodney Dean, took on fellow club bowlers, Len Payne, Mic O'Flanagan, and Peter Adams.

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The Adams three out bowled their opponents to win with an impressive score of 27-12.

Last Thursday another Letchworth & District Triples was played at Royston, with two more Royston teams up against each other.

The team skipped by Mel Flack, were, on paper the stronger. However, the team of veterans, with lead George Mayoss turned on the afterburners and cantered home to a 22-16 win.

A round in the Cairns Cup was played on Friday evening, with two men's rinks of triples at home and two away at Norton (Letchworth).

The home team of Simon Lee, Roger Davies, and skip Peter Adams, playing on rink one, beat their opponents 22-13.

On rink two Don Sheriff, Matt Coppen and Mel Flack, lost by two shots. The Royston team of Brian Pepper, Derek Goodwin and Mick O'Flanagan scored a comfortable 22-10 win.

Skip Keith Dockree, lead his team of Terry Holland and Laurie Ramsay to a 22 -12 victory to wrap a 74-47 victory.

Two rinks of four ladies was the format for the Royston Ladies v Stotfold ladies friendly on Saturday afternoon at Royston.

This proved to be a very close game with Yvonne Whitehouse bringing her rink home to a 19-18 win, and Eileen Hyde's team scoring a 24-23 win.

n Bassingbourn continued their good start to the season with an 88-45 win against West Wratting.

The home side won three of the four rinks, with only the Dave Lister's trio going down, losing their rink 18-13.Ian Stewart's team on rink two won 22-10, while rink three saw Bill Manley's trio record a comfortable 28-12 win.

Ron Ingrey, Maureen Hammond and Ken Clark all bowled very well and totally dominated West Wratting on rink four, to wrap up six of the seven available points and keep Bassingbourn in the hunt for the Cambridge & District League title.

The win keeps Bassingbourn at the top of Division One but Sawston also won this week beating Chesterton A keeping the championship race very tight.

n Melbourn Bowls Club continued with their very busy programme with varying results but all the members continue to enjoy the competition and social aspect of our sport.

Although they lost some membrs over the closed season, they have added to their numbers with some novice bowlers.

n Last week saw the South Cambridgeshire Bowling Association members on their annual tour, this year based in Eastbourne.

The tourists had a successful time, winning four of their six games, with the following results:

SCBA 106; Peacehaven 125

SCBA 132; Gidredge Park 100

SCBA 100; Eastbourne BC 122

SCBA 102; Princes Park 80

SCBA 128; Seaford BC 94

SCBA 119; Hampden Park 118

Most on the tourists were long- standing members who were there in 2001 but they were able to welcome some new faces this year.

The week started out sunny and hot but Wednesday turned wet and chilly, although this did not stop a party visiting a garden centre in the morning before the day's match.


Cambridge & Dist Lge Div 1

Melbourn 60 (2 pts); Chesterton 76 (5 pts)

Melbourn 51 (2 pts); Gt. Shelford "A" 67 (5 pts)

Cambridge & Dist.Lge. Div 5

Melbourn 62 (2 pts); Alexander/Beehive 71 (5 pts) Melbourn 39 (1 pt); Gt. Shelford 63 (6 pts)

Meldreth Lge

Melbourn 55 (1 pt); Royston 78 (6 pts)

Melbourn 72 (5 pts); Gt. Shelford 60 (2 pts)

Foxton Lge

Melbourn 40 (1 pt); Gt. Shelford 52 (4 pts)

Melbourn 27 (0 pts); Sawston 73 (5 pts)

BH Pairs (Mixed) Lge

Melbourn 22 (0 pts); Cambridge & County 42 (6 pts) Melbourn 41 (6 pts); Post Office 27 (0 pts)

Friendly Matches

Melbourn 59; St. Andrews (Biggleswade) 116

Melbourn 63; Chatteris Town 61

Steeple Morden 82 (5pts) Newmarket BC 76 (2pts) (Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: D McKee, G Meade, R Smith, M Fortune 28; A Brennan, K Murfet, D Lovier, J Southgate 18. Rink two: K Jones, M Revels, R Flack, T Barker 16; J Lancaster, G Moncur, D Hicks, J Northwood 21. Rink three: M Meade, B Archer, K Eversdon, G Busby 25; D Landrick, P Dockerill, D Eynon, M Crouch 8. Rink four: K Austin, B Simson, H Jarman, I Symington 13; D Notley, F King, K Hammons, P Parr 29.

Steeple Morden 82 Royston 80

(Steeple Morden names first): Rink one: M Fortune, D Hart, M Meade, G Meade 17; J While, P Stueland, P Fisk, W Williams 9. Rink two: T Mack, M Revels, A Thompson, K Eversden 16; S Whitehouse, G Mayoss, R Colton, D Goodwin 32. Rink three: P Bigley, K Austin, D McKee, H Jarman 12; M Huckle, N Gascoyne, A Potter, G Lewis 27. Rink four: M McKee, M Stanford, S Baulk, J Clarke 28; D Debnor, G Fisk, E Hyde, S Pawson 12.

Steeple Morden 25 (1pt) Sawston B 50 (6pts)

Rink one: M Meade, S Baulk, G Meade 6; B Edwards, R Shelford, M Doorwill 11. Rink two: T Mack, J Clarke, Br Archer 3; A Vincent, L Kennard, J Speed 20. Rink three: M Revels, A Thompson, Ba Archer 4; D Baldrey, P Baldrey, D Carter 13. Rink four: J Adams, M Stanford, K Eversdon 12; J Kenward, R Allan, R Reed 6.

Cambs County 113 (7pts) Steeple Morden 64 (0pt)

Rink one: G Meade, R Flack, T Crow, T Barker 20; R Catton, G Boavis, S Nightingale, A Nightingale 22. Rink two: J Adams, M Meade, P Bigley, B Jeeves 15; M Pankhurst, B Moss, G Sadler, G Dendelsby 25. Rink three: M Revers, Br Archer, B Simson, H Jarman 18; P Fordham, E Simon, M Davey, I Miller 29. Rink four: D McKee, K Jones, M Fortune, G Busby 11; R Drew, R Jackson, P Harper-Scott, K Bane 37.