Young people can get so much out of playing their part as volunteers in Royston and district

A big smile is a key ingredient for success

A big smile is a key ingredient for success - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Royston Volunteer Centre manager Denise Graham puts the spotlight on opportunities in the voluntary sector

If you are a young person thinking of volunteering but are unsure about where to start, we are here to help you. As a first step, why not consider the following:

l Your smile, enthusiasm and determination to give of your best is what makes a great volunteer – knowledge and skills can be learned.

l Think about what you want to gain from volunteering. Are you looking for new skills, to build up your confidence, a chance to make a difference or contribute to a good cause?

l You will need parental support. Discuss your ideas with parents and friends.

l Think about what you feel you can do, or would enjoy doing. How much time do you have to offer?

l Setting up volunteering opportunities can take time. If you want to volunteer over the summer holidays don’t wait until the end of term, start the process at least two or three months beforehand.

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l Visit the ‘’ website. Get a feel for the sort of opportunities on offer.

l While most advertised opportunities are for those aged 18 and over, 14 and over is the lower age limit for some.

l You will gain so much from a volunteering experience. At the very least it should enhance your self-confidence and help you to feel you really do have something to offer to the world around you.

In addition, those who meet you will be impressed by your willingness to have a go, operate independently and do something for someone else.

l Volunteering experience looks great on your college and university personal statement or job CV.

Now that you’ve taken all that on board, the next step is to contact us for help and support in finding the right opportunity for you.

You can contact us on 01763 243020, email or visit the website at