You don’t need to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls to play your part in Royston’s scouting success

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls - Credit: Archant

Royston Volunteer Centre manager Denise Graham puts the spotlight on opportunities to get involved in your community

This week the focus is on Royston District Scouts who are looking for volunteer scout leaders – there is a huge demand in our area for leaders of scout and beaver groups which teach youngsters a range of life skills through team and individual challenges and activities that are fun and exciting. Scouting is for youngsters of both sexes, aged six to 18, and is supported by adults as leaders and supporters in a variety of roles with varying degrees of responsibilities.

You don’t have to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls to get involved with scouting. Do you have first aid knowledge? Are you good with numbers? Handy in the kitchen? Or are you a DIY whizz? We all have useful skills and you can volunteer and help in many ways.

Do you have good organisational and communication skills,enjoy tackling problems with creative thinking and enjoy being part of a proactive team?

One urgent need is for a Royston district secretary to support the district commissioner and the executive, who manage scouting in the area.

The responsibilities are interesting and varied and you will be able to be involved in supporting the delivery of scouting by making sure the administration of the district complies with scouting’s regulations with regard to insurance, safety and security. You will also play a key role at meetings and the annual general meeting

No matter how you get involved, the organisation will make sure you’re properly trained and supported. Interested? Just get in touch and we will put you in contact.

You can call the Volunteer Centre on 01763 243020, email or visit