Yarn bombers thank Royston people for support

Lynn Macdonald, Anne Walls and Laura Whitford

Lynn Macdonald, Anne Walls and Laura Whitford - Credit: Archant

A pair of yarn bombers who had a roller coaster week when a crochet net they made for the Royse Stone went missing and was the subject of taunts by a vandal, said the publicity they got has meant they won in the end.

Laura Whitford and Anne Walls made the giant tea cosy to publicise the Royston Craft Fair on Saturday, but they are overwhelmed by the attention the missing net generated.

Laura said: “The yarn bombing shenanigans definitely drew in the crowds and lots of locals mentioned the stone cosy, saying what good fun it had all been.

“Thanks so much to the amazing people of Royston for supporting us.

“We now have the infamous net firmly in our grasp and it may come out to play again in the town hall each time we hold the craft fair. It’s also given me a new logo.”

After the story was published in The Crow, the yarn bombing saga was picked up by BBC News and was the second most read story online.