Wounded servicemen offered free golf lessons by pioneering club

WOUNDED servicemen and women are being offered free golf lessons by a pioneering golf club.

The New Malton Golf Club, which is also the country’s first organic course, has signed up to the PGA scheme with course pro Brian Mudge already teaching Afghanistan veteran Ryan Seary.

Ryan lost both his left arm and leg in an IED blast two years ago while serving with the 33 Engineer Regiment.

“I have taken golf up in the last year or so, it’s good fun,” said the 23-year-old.

“It’s one of those sports that everyone can play, and there’s not many I can play easily – not that golf is easy at the moment.

“To be honest I was quite surprised. I thought I would have a go, and got on all right – I really enjoyed it.”

In order to swing, Ryan hits the ball one-handed with specially-adapted clubs, and adjusts his artificial leg to shift his balance.

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Brian says he is coming on well, and believes that everyone has difficulties they need to overcome in order to hit a perfect round.

He said: “The fact is that everyone has things wrong with their golf style, or some peculiarity in their swing.

“Ryan’s basically a very strong guy, so he can play golf one-handed.

He has a controller to make his left leg firmer and take more weight, and we just work on the right hand.

“Obviously, from a coaching point of view he has unique problems, and we will gradually focus on little things. We don’t want to hurry.

“He has a very strong upper body and he would be a rugby player if he wasn’t a golfer.”

The club, near Meldreth, has worked with disabled people in the past, and Brian has previously taught former EastEnders star David Proud.

The club has won awards for its green credentials.

For more information on the free lessons for service people call 01763 262200.