Work on troublesome road to begin

COUNCILLORS have expressed relief at the possibility of a “disastrous” road being fixed, but have warned that the whole job must be done to avoid a waste of time.

Mill Road, which connects Fowlmere to Melbourn, has been blighted by surface problems for “years” and Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) have finally agreed to begin work on it on Monday.

But chair of Fowlmere Parish Council Deb Roberts and Cambridgeshire county councillor for the area Tim Stone have doubts as to whether the work will be satisfactorily completed.

Cllr Roberts said: “My understanding is that all they have said is that they are going to start work on filling in the potholes, when the passing bays are the biggest problem as they are used so frequently.

“It is only a single track road and is causing drivers all sorts of problems. It’s in a disastrous state to say the least and at times when driving along it you really take your life into your own hands.

“If they don’t do the job in full, including the potholes and the parking bays, then it will be a waste of time. It needs an overhaul.”

Cllr Stone said: “It is a huge relief that they are finally doing something about it. The road has been a constant source of problems for years due to the surface and this is long overdue.

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“This is at least some resolution, but only if they do the whole job.”

There had been fears earlier this week that the road would have had to close completely, with Cllr Stone being told by CCC highways staff that this was a possibility.

Cllr Roberts said: “Cllr Stone was told categorically that the road was such a low priority and there was no money to do it, and that they were considering closing it.

“This would have been absolutely unacceptable, especially when they know how often it’s used and what the state of it is.

“I was boiling mad about this possibility, as the county council have no excuse. They have known about the state of the road for years and have utterly failed to sort it out and been completely neglectful of their duties.”

A spokesperson for CCC confirmed that work on the road, which has around eight houses and a RSPB sanctuary on it, will have work begin on it on Monday.