Woman disappointed with “pitiful” response from drinks company

A ROYSTON woman has bemoaned the “pitiful” compensation she was sent after making a complaint about a fruit drink.

Ms Valerie Webb of Ermine Close, Royston, found what manufacturers called “gel capsules from pharmaceutical tablets” in the bottom of a bottle of Lucozade when she was enjoying a drink in mid-September.

She complained to the company, and sent the bottle off for testing as they instructed.

On Thursday (28) last week, she was sent a voucher for �5, which has to be spent on Lucozade.

“It’s pitiful really. Although I wasn’t doing this to get any great financial gain, I thought it would be more than this,” said Mrs Webb.

“I was convinced they would have taken it more seriously, but I suppose this is why companies like them are so well off.”

Mrs Webb purchased the 380ml bottle of Original Energy Lucozade for 79p from Costcutters in Burns Road.

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She was drinking it one evening whilst doing a crossword, and noticed what she described as “finger-bit from rubber gloves,” lurking in the bottom of the bottle.

“I did this to warn people to look in their bottle before they drink it. If it was a baby or a disabled person drinking it, they could have choked,” she said.

“Even though I shouldn’t have to, I always look in the bottle now.”

The letter sent by Lucozade’s customer care department stated: “We cannot find any reason why this gel capsule from a pharmaceutical tablet has appeared in the product. Our experts were unable to determine the cause of this.”

Mrs Webb said: “I don’t know what I’m going to do with the voucher. If it’s spent on Lucozade I’ll have to examine the bottle carefully.”