Widower receiving suspected scam calls about wife

A DISABLED pensioner has been receiving phone calls from a source who claim his deceased wife owes them money.

Peter Rainbow, a 72-year-old from Bassingbourn who lost his wife almost five years ago, has had two phone calls saying outstanding credit card debt must be paid even though none of them have ever owned a one.

The emphysema sufferer said: “These people have rang twice, asking to speak to Mrs Rainbow, and I told them they couldn’t.

“I asked them what the problem was and they said they have looked on their records and she owes a substantial amount of money on her credit card. I said to them we’ve never even had one in the house.

“When I asked who they were they said a ‘credit company,’ and they wouldn’t give me any names or contact details.”

Mr Rainbow, whose number is ex-directory, reported the calls to Cambridgeshire police and is warning others to now do the same to try and get to the bottom of who is calling.

“Basically I want to let people know that this sort of thing is going on, and if anyone gets a call from someone who says they are from a ‘credit company,’ then do not believe them,” he said.

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Cambridgeshire police echoed Mr Rainbow’s judgment, saying to be cautious if any of these calls are received.

A spokesman said: “Genuine companies will always use a formal process such as a letter and obviously this man has done right in trying to get details and a name, and try to ascertain the veracity of their claims.

“He’s done the right thing and we would urge everyone to do the right thing and to not always trust people with what they say over the phone.

“If anyone wants to report a potential scam, they can call out non-emergency line on 03454564564.”