Wheeler-dealer meerkat stars in new childrens’ book published by Croydon based company

Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush.

Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush. - Credit: Archant

A design house based in the village of Croydon has diversified into kids’ books with the tale of a wheeler-dealer meerkat – and no, it’s got nothing to do with comparing prices for car insurance.

The story, Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush, is by Tom Campion and published by Barker & Barker, based in the village’s Valley Court.

Eddie Meer is a meerkat who ducks and dives to make his living among the wildlife of southern Africa, selling toothpicks to lions and dictionaries to hyenas with the help of his friends Ollie and Denzil.

Asked where he got the idea of a story about meerkats, Cambridge-based Tom said it “came in a flash of inspiration.”

“This is the first book of mine to be published, although I have been writing for many years,” he said.

“I had wanted to write a book for children for a long time, and it was only when I was bringing up my own that I realised the stories I enjoyed reading the most were also the ones they enjoyed listening to the most.

“I came up with the initial story about Eddie Meer and his gang and Olivia Watkins has brought them to life with her fabulous illustrations.

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“I’m hoping that the book will appeal to grown-ups and kids alike. I have already written two more featuring Eddie, Ollie and Denzil.”

Barker & Barker are accompanying the book launch with a range of cushions and posters based on Eddie’s gang and other characters, including a giraffe and a hippo.

For more information, visit www.barkerandbarker.co.uk.