No new countries added to foreign travel green list – report

Cala d'Hort Beach at sunset. Balearic Islands. Ibiza. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It was hoped that some places like Ibiza in Spain's Balearic Islands would be added to the green list for international travel, but the BBC has reported that there will be no new countries or territories added. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

No new countries will be added to the UK government's green list for foreign travel, according to the BBC.

The government has a traffic light system for which countries can be visited with or without a quarantine period, since international travel was allowed again on May 17.

An official update on which countries and territories fall in each list is expected later today.

It was hoped earlier in the day that the likes of Finland, Slovakia, Malta and some Spanish and Greek islands – all of which have high testing rates and low numbers of cases – would be added to the green list.

But the BBC has reported that no new destinations will be added.

It is still possible, however, that some countries may be removed from the green list, while these is "a strong expectation" that there will be additions to the red list, according to the broadcaster.

Transport minister Grant Shapps is expected to confirm the updated lists later today.