Walkers approach final straight

WALKERS who have been stepping out to help the fight against polio are embarking on the last leg of their journey.

Over the winter months, members of the Rotary Club of Royston, together with friends, members of the public, and members of other Hertfordshire Rotary Clubs, have been walking the 193-mile Hertfordshire Way.

The walk had been arranged in 12-mile stages, with participants in each leg making a donation to the Rotary Club’s Polio Plus fund.

The final stage takes place on June 20, and club members hope that as many people as possible will turn out to mark the occasion.

David Izod, president of the Rotary Club of Royston said: “This walk has been a wonderful way of raising funds for this very important International Rotary project, and we look forward to seeing a great crowd on this final leg on June 20.”

The last leg sees hikers travel from Hare Street to Royston.

The party will leave the Woodman pub at Nuthampstead at 1pm, stopping off at Barkway Church from 1.45pm-2pm, and The Cabinet at Reed from 2.45pm-3pm.

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Anyone is welcome to join for all or part of the walk.

For further information visit www.roystonrotary.com or contact rotarian Jim Webb on 01763 838208

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