Villagers hopeful over noise improvements

VILLAGERS are hopeful that noise problems that have blighted their lives this summer are starting to improve.

Residents living near Station Yard in Meldreth have been complaining about the noise nuisance caused by companies based there, including Eden Farm, a food distribution firm.

As reported in The Crow last month, a liaison group has been formed in a bid to get to the bottom of the issues in the village, and Cllr Susan van de Ven, who has been working with the liaison group, said there have been some steps forward.

She said: “Things appear to have improved, though it is early days and the situation is being carefully monitored. At the end of August a generator was removed from the site and a permanent electrical supply installed by UK Power Network. This has made a huge difference, as anyone passing the site on foot or by bicycle on a regular basis will no doubt be aware. The other source of problematic noise has been the unloading and loading of lorries in the yard – requiring changes in behaviour.

“We are also working to streamline as much as possible sensible business lorry movements in the village by informal, mutual agreement.”

Cllr Van de Ven added that she is pleased with the way the liaison group is working so far.

She said: “It is very good to be working together on problem-solving, with Eden Farms fully participating in meetings. The group meets next on October 16 and it will be interesting to hear residents take stock. The idea must be to ensure that improvements are embedded year-round.

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“The real result will be tested in warm weather, when residents will want to keep windows open and spend time in their gardens for all the ordinary reasons.”

Speaking earlier this month, Jim Palmer, from Eden Farm Ltd, said: “We realise that a problem which has existed for several years, prior to our take over last year, needs our active involvement to remedy wherever possible. Whilst we have no magic wand to give an instant solution we are actively exploring the best way forward and seek only to live and let live with our neighbours.”

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