Villagers continue wind farm protest

VILLAGERS continued their protest against a wind farm plan last weekend by raising a blimp to the height of the proposed turbines – 126.5 metres.

Around 50 members of the Stop Heydon Wind Farm Action Group gathered at Heydon Grange, where energy company Volkswind are planning to erect between eight and 11 turbines, on Sunday afternoon.

Jason Cross, Chairman of the Stop Heydon Wind Farm Action Group, said: “We wanted to show the local community how much of an impact these turbines will really have on the surrounding countryside.

“The turbines that Volkswind are proposing are some of the largest in the country and they will have a devastating effect on this area.

“Flying the balloon at the same height as the turbines has really given everyone an idea of how big they will be, and I think it has helped a lot of people understand the scope of the proposals. This is not just one or two unobtrusive wind turbines; these are massive pieces of industrial infrastructure that will ruin the countryside.”

Peter Jones from the Action Group said: “You can see the balloon from all the surrounding villages – Elmdon, Melbourn and even Royston – so imagine what it will be like if the proposals go ahead. If they do go ahead, this will affect everyone for miles around and we want to urge everyone, not just people from Heydon, to get involved in supporting our cause.”

A planning application is expected to be submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council this year, with a decision set to be made soon after that.

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MP for South Cambridgeshire Andrew Lansley recently lent his support to the action group’s cause, calling for the plans to be abandoned.